March 16, 2014

Thread and Bones

Hello world, it’s been such a busy, busy week, and it feels like too long since I’ve shared photos around here — so here’s a sartorial spread for you from a day I felt like wearing the same colored everything. To fill you in a bit on life lately: I’ve begun a new part-time job writing for an SF magazine, have applied for an opportunity to photograph a fashion spread, planned and styled a shoot with some other free loving ladies, have a get-away coming around the bend, and am jetting out of town as we speak. It feels great to be learning new skills and pushing out in all directions, but it’s also terrifying. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t ever just relax and tread water for a spell, but then I know that the answer is that I just can’t help myself. Over and over again I push past my comfort zone and spin for a while, but its only ever a matter of time before I find balance once more. With every leap I’m learning more about how much I can — or can’t — do, and at almost 30 that knowledge is really building up — which I love. The grays may be coming in but it’s amazing to know so much about my self; to have gone through so many experiences — from the painful to the triumphant. I often jump foolishly, but with each step that becomes less foolish and a little more fearless, which of course is the whole point. To give credit where credit is due — I only get through any of it from the support of each and every loved one and good friend, so its really thanks to all of you! And on that note, there will be a tangible reward for at least one of you dear souls very soon.


Dress: Petit Mendigot (last seen here)/Boots: Shoe Embassy/Sweater & Jacket: Vintage




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