April 8, 2015


It’s April and there’s a lightness in my step. Bright days and short cool nights; windy afternoons fluttering my dresses and loose tops. I’m cleaning out my closet and also my calendar. Work is under control but everything else is ramping up. Thanks to this blog I finally have the community I’ve always been craving after 10 years of working for myself from home, but now how in the world do I find the time to participate in it??? Tell me your secrets — successful adults with communities and full time careers — how do you find the time for work, friends, family, projects, exercise, exploring; while keeping up with the latest novel in your steam-punk werewolf/vampire/Victorian England series? Do you keep priority lists? (I love lists.) Do you follow your gut? What do you say no to, or do you manage to do everything?

One of my top priorities continues to be travel. I’m longing to spread my wings and fly, but with an expired passport (en route to the feds) what’s a woman to do other than become a tourist in her own town again?


On a stormy day I let the wind carry me down to the water’s edge; breathed in deep the smell of the sea and tasted salt in the air. Fisherman’s Wharf has until now been characterized to me by the crowds and sea lions around Pier 39 any given day, but behind the touristy facade there’s still to this day a working economy of fisherman, alongside rustic nooks, crannies and beaches you have to stumble on to know even existed.


Pick up a crab roll to go from any of the sidewalk stands

Explore ships throughout the ages at the Hyde Street Pier

Get an Irish Coffee from the Buena Vista Cafe

Musee Mecanique perfectly distills the creepy/entertaining vibe of carnivals past with antique arcade games

Dip your toes in the water outside the Dolphin Swim & Boat Club

IMG_3929fisherman2Helping me along the way was a lifetime resident and fisherman Candy, speaking into my ear through my phone and guiding my footsteps through the crowds, over soggy, uneven docks and through the sand. M discovered Detour last year, and now that I have the time I’ve been using it all over town. The app presents location aware audio-tours around the city from the highly visited NorthEastern shores and neighborhoods to unusual jaunts through the Western Addition, the Tenderloin, Bayview, and lately Market St. So far I think Fisherman’s Wharf has been my favorite Detour, although I’m dying to retrace my footsteps through the Western Addition at magic hour and photograph some old Victorians. As a disclaimer — Detour did NOT sponsor this post in anyway. I stumbled upon it myself (or rather M did) and I think it’s really cool, and a unique way to see the city for locals and visitors alike. Whenever I find something I love I immediately want to share it with all of my friends — so here you go! Has anyone else tried Detour, or are there any similar traveling aids you recommend that take one off the beaten path? Let’s have a conversation! Jump to the comments here.

IMG_3865Now it’s back to work for me! If you’re in the city join me later this month for a Culinary Tour of a new SF neighborhood through Feastly. The first dinner was a taste of North Beach and was so much fun — I’ll be posting about it soon! This month we’ll be eating our way through the history of the Richmond, tapas style — grab tickets hereUntil next time like my page on facebook or bloglovin’ to be notified of new posts, and you can follow me on twitter or instagram to see my daily discoveries (send me a note when you do so we can connect!).

Thank you for reading!

    • jm

      Let’s meet there next time it’s foggy Tiffany! Irish coffees sound like just the ticket to warm us up after a chilly stroll along the waterfront. And I definitely recommend detour — they have so many interesting and different ones to try! I’d ask you to take lots of pictures when you do go, but I already know that you will =)

  1. I feel like it’s so much easier to balance everything when it starts to get warmer out and the days get longer and there’s still sunlight by the time I leave work. All my social stuff and personal stuff gets pushed to the weekends usually – brunch, Sunday morning runs, wandering – but when it’s still balmy at 9pm I don’t feel bad about popping out on weeknight for an impromptu late night snack with a friend. I definitely don’t do everything all the time, but then again I’m a stay-at-home kind of girl, so for me, a little bit of interaction goes a loooong way hah!

    I’m intrigued by that app. I want to start geocaching – talk about a great way to see your city in a new light.

    • jm

      I completely agree about the warmer weather and longer days — so much easier to get things done with the sun is shining and you have more hours of light. As for geocaching — why have I not done this before??! Sounds like my next weekend adventure!


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