The air is hazy and but there’s a cool breeze blowing off the bay and when we reach the rise of the hill we can see the thin marine layer brushed over the water; sun glinting gold across the Marin headlands; Altacratz a dirty yellow smudge in the blue. The hills just get steeper and crazier but we drive them fast; laughing breathlessly with each new impossible drop as we rush down it. Until you spot this vantage point, precariously hanging high over the street from its nest of ivy, and so we have to pull over, and scramble up — both wondering why we ever even try to wear heels in this city. But the city is completely different — just a few miles from our flat neighborhood — with its narrow, hilly streets and cable cars. The architecture feels older, the skyline is higher, and from up here the cold wind makes it hard to believe that tomorrow is the solstice and we’re deep in the heart of summer. Tomorrow is the longest weekend of the year, but today is just another summer day in San Francisco.


Jacket: Vintage (seen here)/Top: THML/Harem Pants: Under Skies/Heels: Chocolate Schubar via Modcloth (seen here)

IMG_1812 IMG_1828

Photos of me shot by Jacqui of Birds of Thread

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