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It’s August and the days are long. From the East side of the city I watch the sun set behind Twin Peaks each day into a featherbed of fog. Late in the day I walk through the streets and all that old Victorian glass gleams silver and the moldings and decorations — lions, scrolls or fans — glow gold; for that final hour my humble streets feel transformed. It’s the time of year the farmers markets are bursting, with melons, apricots, strawberries, exotic pluots and purple bell peppers, shrunken and green shosito peppers, bushels of squash, and the truest tomatoes you’ll ever taste. It’s when the fog billows up over Twin Peaks to such unbelievable heights that when you walk in the sun below along Guerrero or Valencia street and look upwards you feel as though you’re standing in wet sand at the base of a giant tidal wave that is just moments away from breaking and rushing down over you, sweeping you and all these homes back into the Bay. The fog is everywhere. You get out of a building in Russian Hill or Haight Ashbury and feel dew on your face. You walk down the hill, into Duboce Park, or maybe the Embarcadero and watch the fog thin into bits and pieces that waft by; a bit further, you’re in SoMa or Hayes Valley, and the sun warms your face as you look up towards the sky. But only for a final few moments, before the fog engulfs the sun, and the chill of the Ocean reaches from one end of our 7 miles squared to the other.


Jacket & Coach Bag: Vintage/Sweater: Modcloth/Harem Pants: Under Skies (last seen here)/Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (seen here)

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Leaving home one afternoon the hallway was filled with such beautiful light — diffused through the fog as it was — I couldn’t resist pulling over and snapping a few shots. Can I just say that I strongly approve of this decision we’ve collectively made to move away from skinny jeans, especially the way these styles, colors and patterns are emerging on looser trousers and harem pants. I initially picked up these pants to use as loungewear around the house; there hasn’t been a week at a time over this entire summer that guests and travelers haven’t been living in my home, and I was getting tired of pulling on jeans first thing in the morning to make my coffee in. This outfit started off as work-from-home-wear, and quickly became a walk-through-the-fog-to-happy-hour ensemble with the help of a man’s vintage jacket. One of my favorite go-to’s for classing things up.

And on a another note — thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Free People event last night! It was such a blast to meet so many stylish babes and the FP girls in Corte Madera were so sweet and fun to chill and browse with. Fall is coming right up and I could not be happier.

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