September 3, 2014


When I was last in Seattle I fell in love with the Ballard Farmer’s Market — and that was in the spring, when most of the venders focused on preserved items like chocolates, breads, jams, foraged mushrooms, wine and fish (and prepared food of course, like the amazing salmon slider seen above). Imagine my excitement when my photo workshop team and I were set loose on Ballard in the height of summer. Feeling the morning sun on our faces as we strolled up and down the long line of white awning stands with their offerings of tomatoes, peppers, beets, corn, flowers, greens, herbs, peaches, pluots, melons, and everything else this season has to offer. Our mission was to document the market journalist style, and afterwards we returned to Aran’s gorgeous studio (images to come) to style and shoot what we had picked up during the day. Here’s the results matched up in before-and-after style — I hope you enjoy!

To see more shots of the market (and TONS of photos from my workshop) along with my favorite Seattle spots, visit my guest post today with the lovely J for Jamie where I break down how to travel like a local  in Seattle.

beets2 _MG_6193chard_MG_6389tomatoes I can’t believe that September is officially here! Is this year flying by for anyone other than me? Let me know in the comments and until next time — find me on pinterest, twitter, instagram, and facebookand don’t forget to check out my guest post with fellow Bay Area blogger Jamie here!

    • jm

      It’s one of the best ones I’ve been to! I’m glad I could get that across =) thanks for stopping by Tiffany!


  1. […] Local Secret #2: The Real Seattle Farmer’s Market As I mentioned, Pike’s Place is really not worth the visit in my opinion. You can get better, cheaper, fresher produce and watch salmon fly through the air by by heading across the bridge to old town Ballard. The Ballard Farmer’s Market here is open year round, rain or shine, and offers an incredible variety of produce, cheeses, nuts, jams, breads, foraged products, prepared foods and even wines; is wonderful for shopping, grabbing lunch, or just getting a cup of coffee at the Anchored Ship and people watching. To see more photos of the market, check out my recent post on the event Jessica’s blog, Thread and Bones! […]

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