keurig coffee maker

Many people seem to think that to make a coffee, they simply put pellets in a cup and add water. However, this will not give you good coffee to taste. Coffee is an affordable luxury that, properly prepared, will prepare you for the rest of the day.

Here are some tips to get the best coffee for Keurig you’ve ever tried.

Keurig Coffee maker

Invest the best Keurig coffee maker, preferably with a mill. There are many in the market now, but you want to buy one that makes coffee that you like, for example, coffee with milk or cappuccino. Another solution is to buy one that prepares all kinds of coffees that allow you to choose what you want on a given day.


Do not buy beans unless you know when they have been roasted. Most good brands will detail it in the package. It does not make sense to buy old coffee. This will not produce excellent results. Also remember that when you buy fresh beans, you must use them in a week, because the coffee begins to lose its flavour. Many people will also tell you to put coffee in the refrigerator; However, this will not keep your coffee fresh, in fact, the cold will spoil it. Ideally, place fresh beans in an airtight container and store them in a dark place. An ideal place would be a pantry, however, if you do not have one, consider placing the container in a garage or in a place where there is not much light.

How to grind coffee for Keurig

When you want to make coffee, grind the beans as close as possible when you want to make them. It is normal to grind a few hours before drinking, but do not do it too soon. The degree of grinding of the coffee will have an effect on the flavour. If the flavour of the coffee is bitter, it can be ground very fine and, therefore, it can be extracted in excess (where undesirable aromas have also left the beans). If its flavour is flat, the grind may be too thick, which means that enough flavour has not been extracted.

It is essential if you want to make the perfect coffee. When they move to the store, the store often grinds a variety of beans throughout the day and, if it is the last, they will not enjoy all the flavour of their particular variety. In addition, the mills used tend to heat because they are used permanently, which could cause the roasting of their grains. Some of the good coffee and espresso machines usually have their own grinders. So it’s a much better way to produce your coffee and get the best results.

Check Lucky Belly for more details.

Water temperature

If you prepare your coffee with a coffee machine, it is likely that the ideal temperature will be set for you, creating the perfect cup. Most people who make coffee, especially instant coffee, use boiling water and this is not the best thing to do. If the water you are using is vaporizing, the water is likely to boil.


Many coffee drinkers do not add sugar to your cup, but if you are one of those who like to add something to soften it. Then do it by adding a brown sugar of good quality. White sugar will change the taste of coffee; However, brown sugar will bring out the flavour and really enhance it.

Everyone has been traveling lately and I can’t get enough of following their adventures. Julie just ate her way through all of Marrakesh and documented it in such a way that makes me want to redo my entire trip there. Kayture has me drooling over these foodie spots in Los Angeles (road trip, anyone?). Somehow Prague has slipped down my list of places I must go to, but these dreamy photos from blogger Maddinka have pushed it back up to the top. And Seoul was even on the list, but I’ll go anywhere with Shini; her photography never fails to blow me away.

But instead of setting sail myself, for now I’ll be living vicariously through all you travelers. I’m enjoying being home; it feels like ages since I’ve been able to really settle in for a good long stint. The above images are some snaps from around the house this week. I’ve committed myself to eating less and eating at home (and yoga…in theory…) and have been completely obsessed with this curried cauliflower and quinoa recipe from Cookie & Kate. I’ve made it about half a dozen times so far, and it doesn’t get old. I’ve played around with the dish by adding lemon juice instead of vinegar; dried pomegranates and cranberries along with the raisins; diced apples and roasted pine nuts. Last night I pulled out all the stops, adding tons of curry and cayenne pepper; my friend and I ate in the front bay windows, watching the people on their way home from work or heading out on the town while we drank wine and talked about politics. So yeah; this weekend is off to a marvelous start.

Here’s some snapshots of my recent Seattle trip to sustain you until I have a chance to work through my massive backlog of bloggery. These longer days have been so inspiring — I’ve been shooting like a fool lately, and now with this pouring rainstorm outside my door in SF I have no excuse not to sit down and process some images. But since it’s the weekend and the point is to avoid work if possible, I’ll share with you what I’ve been reading around the web this week.

A while back I blogged about my meet-up with the hip and beautiful Diane (A Broad) at Gjelina in Venice Beach. If you’re curious about seeing our brunch from the other side of the table, she’s posted some fantastic shots of our get-together. And when you’re done reading that, go through the rest of Diane’s blog, if you haven’t already — her photography is oh so yummy.

Stuffed ostriches and aged French love letters — oh my! After its owner fled Paris near the end of World War II, this apartment remained locked away and undisturbed for 70 years. You couldn’t make this story up, and Apartment Therapy has the photos.

Speaking of Apartment Therapy, they also just covered Orn Hansen, the super cool general store I included in my list of top spots to hit up in Long Beach, CA. Highly pinterest-able.

That lovely lady you see up above touring Gasworks Park with me is none other than the fabulous bloggess Kinsey. We were able to schedule a quick get-together on our mutual trips through the PNW — just enough time for a stroll in the park on this beautiful (and rare) sunny day. It was such a treat to meet a photographer and blogger I have long since admired, and it turns out she was just in San Francisco, shooting one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful weddings I have ever seen. Check out these stunning images on her blog, Sincerely, Kinsey.

Lastly, I am loving WTF’s roundup of these darling drawings based on real life Missed Connections. Such cuteness cannot help but brighten your day.

And finally some tunes for your weekend — here’s my playlist of what I’ve had on repeat in the month of March: