September 29, 2014


Some people throw rice at a wedding, others think a little more colorfully. Inspired by the Indian festival of Holi, newlyweds Sal and Stephanie created their own tradition — celebrating love, playfulness, and the changing of the season with water balloons and deeply saturated dust, passed out just before their guests parted ways from this weekend wedding getaway in the woods of Northern California. Shooting from the sidelines, the absolute joy happening around me was so infectious I couldn’t resist putting the camera away and grabbing handfuls of pure pigment myself, losing myself in the billowing clouds of color that quickly filled this clearing. As the golden light of late afternoon slipped away behind the redwoods and pines, and the dust began to settle, friends and family found each other again, laughing, while the bride and groom passed around beers. It made me wonder then how many of these folks would be inspired by the festival they’d just participated in when it came to their own wedding or celebration, and how far this event would travel throughout the lives of this couple and their loved ones.


What I Wore — Slip: Brandy Mellville


All photography in this post by MB Maher

My scalp and hair are still pink in certain places but even once the color finally fades I’m so happy to have these photographs — along with a certain multi-colored slip hanging up now on my wall — to remember this event by. What kind of new wedding traditions have you started or been inspired by? Tell me about it, and until next time find me over on instagramstellerpinteresttwitter, and facebook– lets stay in touch!


  1. This looks like such fun! But knowing me I would have been running around wiping it off peoples faces, getting dust out of their ears, asking to see if anyone has asthma and handing out tissues.


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