December 3, 2014

_MG_6752-EditWhile I’ve always professed that October is my favorite month (that crispness in the air — an entire holiday dedicated to candy) I’ll confess something (if you promise not to tell): October, you can stay in bed; September, November, hold your head; it’s December I’m in love. For the past 48 hours it’s barely stopped raining and I (not to mention our poor drought-stricken state) could not be happier. Each night I fall asleep to the sound of water and wind crashing outside my window, and each morning I wake up to the same song. Those long, dark nights that drove me crazy these past two winters in Europe have somehow become blissful; an excuse to stop work earlier (or at least on time); to stay in; to rest and restore my spirit from another long, long year.


Boots: Frye (worn here)/Flares: Free People/Sweater: UO/Scarf: Ambiance/Hat: Topshop (worn here)/Coat: Vintage (worn here)

This isn’t my coldest winter, but I think it’s the first one where I’ve really let myself slow down with the season. Taking advantage of the time change for more leisurely mornings; cooking at home and feathering my nest. Of course, for every day like this one — spent drinking coffee and eating breakfast in bed with piles of books, followed by a late afternoon stroll through the Golden Gate Park — there are, well, most other days. It takes effort to bring myself back into balance after each event that off-centers me, but I think I’m slowly getting better at accomplishing it.


Visit the James Turrell skyspace at the De Young Museum

This was my first time in the Turrell skyspace — a stone chamber featuring a circular opening in the ceiling through which to view the sky — hidden behind the sculpture garden of the De Young. While I imagine it would be fun to watch the clouds and fog roll by in the summer, it was absolutely magical on this gloomy winter day. Outside it seemed like just another gray, overcast day, but from inside I stared up at the sky the more light and cloud patterns I made out. It’s free to visit this spot anytime during regular museum hours, so make sure you stop in next time you’re in the area.


Thank you so much for reading! If you follow my instagram feed you might have noticed I was in SoCal the other week. It was just a brief trip, but I’ll be returning for a longer visit in the later half of December. Send me a note if you want to meet up — this blog is all about connecting me with other creatives, cat lovers and coffee enthusiasts around the world!  I absolutely love meeting kindred spirits and putting faces to names from instagram, blogs or comments. Speaking of which, I’d love to hear how December is treating you so far. And until next time stay in touch with me over at pinteresttwitterinstagram, or facebook.


Thanks to MB Maher for the photography

    • jm

      That is SO sweet of you to say! Thank you so much!!! You’re comments always make my day =) hope to see you soon as well!

  1. You are killing it, girl! These photos are gorgeous, and I’m with you on the rainy weather. The past two days have been super rainy in Pasadena and it makes me so happy! And Lord knows we needed it so badly…

    And what a gorgeous space, I haven’t been there in a while and would love to go back :)

    • jm

      The day after a rainy day is the best day to be in SoCal — it’s so clear and beautiful out. I’m so glad to hear the rain made it down south to you! Sounds like you brought it back with you from SF =)

    • jm

      Ohhh that’s a really interesting connection! Thanks for adding a new spot to my list of places to visit when I head down to LA next week =)


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