dèsirs & volupté

November 25, 2013


When a friend came to visit from out of town I had the perfect plan to lift our winter blues — beginning and ending with baked goods (of course), and partaking of some self-affirming art in between. Musée Jacquemart-André is a bit off the beaten path, but as the once-private abode of wealthy art collectors left mostly intact, it can’t be missed for a gorgeous, extravagant glimpse into the world of old Parisian elite. The museum’s current exhibit — Dèsirs & Volupté (which is exactly what is sounds like) — can’t be missed either for a voyage back to an era when “plump” was synonymous with “sexy,” and women apparently spent much of their time wearing beautiful clothes and lounging about in piles of rose petals. There’s nothing like voluptuous ladies with a little too much ennui to inspire one to begin reclining on divans and cushions, staring into eternity, and asking — why? Or as the French ask — Porquoi? (To which the only answer can be: “Parce que…”)

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