September 24, 2014

floraAnd we’re back! After having nearly 48 full hours now to breath, put life in order, de-stress, and make some serious headway through the huge backlog of photographs plaguing me (everything from months-old outfit posts to new local favs to an Indian color festival in the woods) I’m feeling much better about life in general. With the days rushing past quicker and quicker, it can be so difficult to break out of the flow and make time for those less-demanding things — having fun, indulging in hobbies, catching up with cool people — you know, enjoying life. Fortunately I’ve gotten to the point where I now have a Pavlovian response whenever M’s parents come into town. I break out of my normal routine and being looking around the home and garden in a new light; I hold off on having too much coffee the morning they arrive, knowing that our first ritual will be to share a cup of Ritual thanks to the baristas tucked away inside Flora Grubb’s Gardens. We’ll sip on our cappuccinos, while wandering her incredible, larger-than-life nursery (a dreamy oasis of horticulture and design delights; hidden on an unassuming street behind a KFC and large fences). After that it’s off to Building Resources to dig through one folk’s junk in search of treasures (this time my treasure was a 3 by 5 foot slab of marble to use as a backdrop for shooting. Now if only I had a North-facing window to set it up under…)

Here’s what I wore, where I went, and what I ate, on an altogether too rare day off.  


What I Wore – Boots: Vintage Lucky Brand from Indie Frock/Pants: Anthropologie/Jacket: Free People/Blouse & Necklace: Madewell 

floragrub IMG_3999 IMG_4023

Where to Go: This area of San Francisco was one of the last developed residentially, and therefore features the large spaces often missing in the rest of the city — space enough for say a nursery or salvage yard. My favorite places to hit up are Flora Grubb’s Gardens (too beautiful to miss) and Building Resources (photographs to come in its own post!).


Where to Eat: Finally, don’t head home before brunching or lunching at Serpentine. This modern, California restaurant is built out of the old boiler room for a 1900’s tin can factory, and its industrial past is now nicely preserved alongside a clean, modern aesthetic. Food and drink are locally sourced, and typically delicious. Particularly the red flannel hash pictured above.

Thanks so much for reading! I love hearing from you, so please leave me a comment, and until next time I’ll be photographing SF (and yes, my coffee) over on instagram, reading over at steller, and pinningtweeting, and facebooking– lets stay in touch!


  1. Attica, Attica! Had a wonderful time with you guys. If only we could move that orange, self-heating divan into your garden — or mine! Can’t wait to see what you cook up with that Manzano pepper — maybe more soup?

    • jm

      I can’t believe I forgot to mention that divan is self-heating! Thanks for reminding me of that detail =)
      I can’t wait to see about the peppers too! Hope we can heat things up enough for them to grow in our chilly back yard!!
      Come back soon!!! xxxx


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