May 7, 2015


Trends come and go but a good a pair of boyfriend jeans is essential. And surprisingly difficult to track down. A few years ago I bought a pair at Zara in Barcelona (worn here) that ironically my actual boyfriend adored but I eventually had to let go — they were too baggy to be really comfortable for the amount of walking I do (they took the ‘boy’ aspect too literally). Ever since then I’ve been on the lookout for the right pair, but I do most of my shopping at thrift shops in my neighborhood and online. Finding a specific type of pant is really best done in person if you want it to fit great. Boyfriends need to be loose but not too loose; slouchy but not bulky in unflattering ways. So that’s how I eventually found myself going downtown to the mall off Powell St with a girlfriend buddy to go try on clothes together. And then I proudly paired said jeans under a flowy white dress like it was 2005 and I just don’t care. Did I just turn 30 or 17?


Dress: Nasty Gal (Worn here – similar here) / Jeans: Madewell / Shoes: Sutro (worn here) / Jacket: Tulle (worn here) / Bag: vintage Dooney & Bourke

IMG_1105Pacific Heights is known for its gorgeous Victorians, beautiful views, swanky boutiques and and overall chi-chi-ness, and while I may never live in one of these homes (like I naively dreamt of when first moving north) I can still take in the ambiance. We started our day at Jane on Fillmorea cute cafe with a strong menu (finally found a place in this juice-crazed town to get a veggie smoothie, and their wild rice breakfast cereal, toasts, chia pudding, and turmeric tonic are all healthy and tasty breakfast options), and lines out the door. Be prepared to wait on the weekend, and if you’ve got a buddy like I did — divide and conquer to find seats. Or take your breakfast to go and walk over to Alta Plaza Park for its stunning views of the city. (For a more wooded and secluded feeling park check out nearby Layfayette where I staged this photoshoot.) Here’s some of my favorite eateries to check out while you’re here are:

Troya and/or la Mediterranee for delicious Turkish & Greek fare

Elite Cafe for biscuits & martinis

Roam for their veggie burger

b. patissserie and/or Fillmore Bakeshop for sweet treats

IMG_1152Thanks so much to the intrepid Claudia for snapping these photos of me and also battling our way through to a table at Jane on a busy weekend. You’re a good woman to have in a fight! I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last personal style post caught by Work it Berk. In addition to hunting down the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans I’ve been attempting to curate my road trip suitcase — I always pack too much and for the wrong temperature. Right now I’m currently trying to find shorts that don’t make me hate myself when I wear them. Any suggestions? 

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  1. Loved this look! Not gonna lie… I’m working on my own interpretation of it! The Jessica Silhouette: flowy dress over boyfriend jeans with flat shoes and wild hair. :)


  2. I have to say, after years of long drives to just about everywhere, I have yet to find the perfect road trip get up. On our cross-country trip I stuck to cut-offs from Zara, but to be honest, didn’t love the look. These days I prefer boyfriend jeans, linen pants and flowy skirts and dresses. When you find the perfect road trip repertoire, please share (:

    • jm

      I just want to live in linen pants and flowy skirts! I’m kind of banking on everything you described here for the road trip — right down to the cut offs! A road trip is not something I’ve packed for before — and there will be all kinds of climates — from the mountains to the dessert — so I’m worried about either overpacking or not packing enough. Will definitely be sharing all lessons learned here =)

    • jm

      Awe thank you Tiffany and I accept your style challenge — let’s go try on some more boyfriend jeans! I’m sure we can find the right ones for you ^_^

    • jm

      I’ve worn some really unflattering boyfriend jeans in my time as well Kelly! They can be so tricky. I love that they’re being made in such slimmer and darker cuts these days — I’m now on the lookout for dark wash, a liiiiiitle slimmer and distressed would be awesome as well =) never satisfied! What can I say!


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