July 7, 2015

1U6A5922In the black of night the only sense is sound. All around you the treehouse sways and as you listen you hear all the slight branches & broad Eucalyptus leaves each straining to break off on their own. Instead they dance in time to the tune of the wind, who blows them apart and sweeps them all back together over and over again with cacophonous glee. At the foot of the bed there’s a thick branch coming right up through the treehouse floor and it thumps and shudders and the house itself groans and sighs with a thousand voices hammered together. Insects and birds and all the other creatures chatter and drone and sing their songs to the stars. Everything groans and shrieks and whispers and laughs and cries and then just when you get used to the rhythm of it and drift off to sleep every noise abruptly falls flat. The wind stops, the whole world holds its breath, and you become alert again to the most silent silence you’ve ever heard. Each time I woke I wondered where I was and would reach up to press my hands against the thin skin of the house — pieces of cabinetry and carpentry forming a familiar shape; this veneer between me and the wild outside — a soft glow between my fingers against the leaded-glass pane.

1U6A6026treehouse31U6A58731U6A5899treehouse21U6A6045treehouse1U6A58961U6A58841U6A59151U6A6005By day the colors are soft greens, browns and yellows; the bright whites of Northern California coastal fog. I try to keep my touch as light and thin as the air around me. I am not a very outdoorsy person; not normally an adventurer of nature. I am a city creature, but I like to stretch my creature comforts to their limits so for a night I’ll sleep in a soft deep bed in the sky while listening to the wildlife all around me.

1U6A5943Happy July my friends. The year is officially descending but you wouldn’t know it in these days of long days and warm nights. Did anyone escape off on any adventures this past weekend? I found this  funky little airbnb treehouse outside of Petaluma the other week and drafting this post has made me long to grab an overnight bag and hit the road again (although most things make me feel that way — especially if they involve tree houses). This spot is the perfect distance for an overnight getaway from San Francisco, conveniently located in NorCal wine country — which I guess I haven’t dedicated a specific post to yet — how remiss of me! If in the area definitely check out Imagery Winery and Scribe, and eat anything at the Wild Goat Bistro. My recommendations for wine country change every year and are largely based on serendipity — which winery is open and treating me well that day. Do you have any favs you’d recommend I check out when next in Sonoma?Anyone else ever spent a night in a tree house? If you’d like to leave a note I’d love to hear from you here. Otherwise I hope to chat with you next week — and until then I’m on instagram, facebook, twitter & bloglovin

Thank you for reading!

    • jm

      It was so soothing — except for at night ^_^ but I really want to pack a cooler of picnic food and lock myself back in this treehouse for an entire weekend with books and journals. Did I mention there’s no wifi here?

  1. Love this sentence!
    “Each time I woke I wondered where I was and would reach up to press my hands against the thin skin of the house — pieces of cabinetry and carpentry forming a familiar shape; this veneer between me and the wild outside — a soft glow between my fingers against the leaded-glass pane.”
    This looks like an amazing storybook experience!

    • jm

      Thank you so much Cory that means a lot to me! I go everywhere with my journal so I can jot down words that make sense to me at the time to polish up into a paragraph later. I never really give myself as much time to edit as I could use but I spent a lot of time on this one and I’m so glad you had a reaction to it =)

    • jm

      Senegal?!?! How exotic! Looking forward to comparing notes on treehouse stays with you soon ^_^ according to my host at this one in Petaluma treehouses are the most popular airbnb destination so there’s probably more and more of them popping up!

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