November 18, 2014


Let’s all just calm down, take a deep breath, and go pick some apples. Or eat them at least, if — like me — you’re in California and the pros have already picked the orchards dry. It’s that time of year where hectic schedules get even crazier and I jumped at the opportunity to take some time out before plunging into the final few weeks of 2014 (can you even believe it???). Some friends hosted an opportunity for a little hibernation in the adorable NorCal town of Sebastopol the other weekend; while there were neither pumpkins or the ground nor apples in the trees we still made a festive occasion of it (bicycles, hot tubs and firepits really help with this). I picked up apples the normal way from a fruit stand down the road, and while walking back by this meadow at twilight the colors too much for me to resist


Dress: Ginger Lamb (worn here)/Top & Boots: Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange

I usually come out ahead in my semi-annual fashion-offs with Buffalo Exchange (meaning I make more money selling my old clothes than they get out of me by selling me new ones). This year, I totally lost. $17 to me, $78 to Buffalo for these boots, crop top, and two sweaters which I definitely did not need but have already worn both at least 10 times each since (so there). A lot of times my outfits are composed at the spur of the moment as I rearrange items in my wardrobe, or play around with fitting a new piece in, but this time I knew exactly what I was going to do with said top and boots as soon as I saw them. I love layering thermals, heavy scarves, sweaters and coats as much as anyone, but for a balmy winter day in California all that’s needed is a flowey top, a summer dress, and some sheer fabric around your legs and neck to make the whole thing work.



The challenge with this photoshoot was keeping up with the rapid loss of light. The sun sets fast at this time of year and it was mostly already behind the trees when we happened across this meadow. Over the 20 minutes or so of the shoot my ISO evolved from around 640 to 1250, with the shutter speed changing up and down depending on whether I was aiming my camera at the light or the shadows. The aperture was wide open at 2.8, and I paid for it by a lot of these images coming out with little to no focus. For this shoot I was lucky enough to barrow MB’s Canon 5D Mark II, which is really a joy to shoot on. If you take your time and get the white balance, aperture, ISO and shutter speed settings just right, these images look amazing just out of the camera with no processing necessary. For my lens I had the 24-70 zoom — also a dream; the quality of light coming through this lens is just beautiful. I would shoot with these two items every time, but for now I just borrow whenever I have the chance…


Are you ready for the holiday season and the final days of 2014? Planning any moments of rest before the end of this year yourself? Let’s hear about it — I LOVE reading your comments! Thanks so much for reading, and until next time stay in touch over at pinteresttwitterinstagram, or facebook.


  1. Hi Jess,

    It’s so funny you just posted this as I just came to your site to see if you had anything new! These are sooo beautiful, really catching the essence of fall. I was chatting with some friends about going to this same orchard but life got in the way and we never made it up. I’m glad you had a chance to visit and the dreamy-ness of this shoot is stunning! P.S. I love Buffalo and I’ve been trying out Crossroads too from time to time, it’s a little more organized I find, but visiting both is always a small adventure!

    Tiffany | http://www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com

    • jm

      Thank you sooo much Tiffany!!! I’m sorry you didn’t make it up to the orchard but it looks like you’ve been having lots of adventures this fall! Thank you so much for your kind words — I’m so glad you enjoyed the photographs. Wish you had been there ^_^

  2. So, so beautiful. I am missing autumn like crazy– as you know out here we have a good ole palm tree and some succulents for the season. Also, nice work on the thrifted outfit! I’m so impressed :) I’ve done some thrifting online but can never seem to find stuff in the actual stores…

    Can’t believe 2014 is nearly over!! This year went by so fast…


    • jm

      I feel for you. Autumn in LA can be less than satisfying. I love those clear days though after a good rain in Socal. And thrifting is tough too — I find something really great 1 out of times I go digging!

      Thanks for stopping by Daisy =)

  3. LOVE the lighting. My god, can I just live in that light forever. siiiigh….

    I’m liking the camera tips. It’s really helpful and interesting to get a glimpse into your thinking and process. And since you mentioned lenses, I’ve been shooting with this Sigma lens (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/967344-REG/sigma_18_35mm_f1_8_dc_hsm.html) on my crop sensor at work and have been pretty thrilled with the photos and video I’ve been getting from it. Now I just need to get out of shooting in auto… ;)

    • jm

      Oooh thanks for sharing your thoughts Claudia! That looks like a really fun lens to play with, especially for both a crop lens and for your particular work. My wide angle lens is 16-24, which is really, really wide. I’ve had trouble composing shots and dealing with the distortion from that lens — I feel like a little tighter, say your 18-35, would be perfect. Perhaps we should arrange a swap some day =)


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