August 5, 2012

I don’t know who organizes the De Young’s Friday Nights, but the one on July 27th — which focused on their current Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit — was absolutely genius. Live tango music and dancing in the front hall blended perfectly with the highly charged and provocative costumes displayed on the level below. Gaultier always seems to be designing with some sort of sci-fi movie in mind, and one of the movies he did actually design for — The Fifth Element — was screened that evening in the De Young’s theater. Throw in a full bar, and it was the perfect combination of booze, bandoneons, sexuality, and Bruce Willice’s tanktop.

Only through Gaultier could my dreams to dress as a magical Russian Snow Princess from the Future become a reality.

Coat: Vintage/Boots: Charles David/Bag: Liebeskind/Jeans: Free People/Thermal: Target

These are the jeans that started it all; it was about 4 or 5 years ago — high summer for skinny jeans, and that was all that anyone was selling. I searched high and low through thrift stores, department stores and boutiques; at best I found demure boot-cuts but what I wanted was full on flares. The only line selling flares at the time was Free People, and that — as they say — was that.

I’ve been remiss in my blogging for the past two weeks due to my work load, but I’m coming back online now and have a tidy backlog of posts to put out this upcoming week. Just when I was about to move my sweaters into storage the weather took a sharp turn for the dreary, gloomy, foggy, and rainy. As I’m posting this I can hear cars sloshing by on the street below. Time to go jump into some puddles.


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