I’ve probably passed Grace Cathedral a hundred times before finally going in. It was just another Nob Hill monument to me, but one where you couldn’t buy cocktails or watch old movies in the summer. It wasn’t until a friend recommended checking out their artist in residence Anne Patterson, who’s ethereal, delicate ribbons of many colors have been gracing the cathedral hall periodically over the past year, that I finally went inside…

IMG_1686gracecathedral2 IMG_1685IMG_1683IMG_1690

The original Grace Cathedral was made of brick and was lost in the fire of 1906 (the tragedy captured above in one of the many murals lining the walls) but you can’t keep a good flying buttress down. The structure was rebuilt slowly over the past century in concrete, with all the details familiar in gothic revival architecture. The space is spectacular, with gorgeous stained-glass that rivals any I’ve seen in Europe. My favorite part though was the murals in question — a blend of Californian and church history. The murals are there for the long run, but if you want to see Anne’s work make sure you stop by sometime this summer. As long as a service isn’t in progress you can visit almost any time of the week, or you can even stop by on Tuesday evenings for donation-based yoga classes — this being San Francisco after all.

    • jm

      It’s really beautiful — and make sure to have someone working here explain the murals and the history of the church to you — there’s always someone walking around who’s happy to talk and there’s so many stories to the place!


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