garden hose reel

How to make a garden hose reel?

Garden hose reels are there to store our garden hoses safely. In case you need one, you can consider either buying or creating one for your own. Herein are steps to follow to come out with a unique hose reel;


Before commencing on any particular project, there is a need to place in order for all the requirements. So, like any other project, when creating a hose reel, there is a need you to gather all that is required for the process to go smoothly. For this project, you will require wood screws, scroll saw, hand drill, a knife and hammer, inch thick plywood, a measuring tape, and a pipe maybe from a vacuum cleaner. These are the main things that are required for this project, but then, you might require in the process of other small things.

Steps to make a hose reel

Find a Wire Spindle

You need to buy a spindle that will accommodate the length of the garden hose reel you are creating. Spindles of between 20-24 inches in diameter are better meant for hoses that are 25 to 50 foot long. Longer lengths can work best with larger spindles of 36-inches.

Build the Frame

To come up with a frame, you need to first cut 2×10 lumbers of 20 into two different equal lengths; this is for the smaller spindle. For the larger spindle, you will consider 30 inches. Next, consider the base of your hose real. For this, cut the inch plywood into different and of suitable sizes. Consider a ratio of 1.5 to 2 for the length and width respectively. Use a tape measure to determine the height of your spindle. Place lumber pieces that are 2 inches wider than the spindle, using wood screws, secure them to the base.

Drill Holes for the Rebar

Start by measuring the rebar diameter. Using slightly larger bits than what you should drill, make holes in the lumber to help you center the spindle in that, the top of the lumber becomes even with the top.

Install the Rebar and Spindle

First, start by threading the rebar. Have someone to help you do this through the holes you drilled at the center of the spindle and in the 2×10 braces. The spindle weight will allow you to use your reel without worrying falling out of the rebar.

Install Handle

It is time to attach the length of wood dowel using wood screws to the outer page of your spindle. After this, do the attachment of the small L-clips. The clips should be secured well using short wood screws to keep the hose reel handle in place and also sturdy. From this point, you would have finished everything. You can consider painting it with the color of your choice.

Attach the Water Hose

Lastly, over the wire spindle, drape the water hose. This needs to be done leaving enough slack at the rear side of the reel to ensure water faucet is easily reached. Screw the water hose to the spindle using the C-clamps.

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