May 12, 2015


I got off work early (or I guess on time) and let my feet make the decisions. They were hungry for movement and my eyes feasted as well — on gleaming big windows, on wide streets with tall buildings — columns, stucco, lampposts, brick, balconies, doors and bay windows…


I’m entering a new kind of happiness — where many struggles are beginning to pay off; not in really big ways, just in ways that un-shoulder my burdens one at a time and leave me standing taller and taller each day. I’m helpless, helpless, helpless to the brightness of spring carrying me away; lifting me up steep hills; breathless before the April winds that blow hair from my eyes and brings in the coastal fog. All around me are castles of stone and brick — so different from my wood and stucco Victorians (beautiful and historical in their own right, but so familiar to me). This is history I don’t see every day, and I can marvel anew at the pillars and spirits that hold them up. At the top of the hill the Mark Hopkins is all beaux-arts and ornamentation; it gleams money and taste, and its many windows catch all the last of the departing light and holds it tight; it fills them to bursting and the glow expands outward as a beacon at the very top of the hill and with each step I feel I’m ascending to nirvana but the higher I get the further the light slips away from me, the fog sweeping in over and under it, and its cold touch tastes of so much eagerness I can’t deny it and for these last minutes I just stand in the last of the light and let the elements do to me what they will.


Jacket: Vintage (worn here) / Pants: Anthropologie (worn here) / Blouse: Madewell / Shoes: Crown Vintage



See the gate to Chinatown at Bush and Grant

Have a macaron in Union Square

Drink a craft cocktail at Benjamin Cooper

Eat sushi at Sakana

Take in a show at Biscuit & Blues 


So many thanks to my partner in crime and blog muse — the wonderful Annie Montgomery for capturing these shots of me here.

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Happy spring dear readers!

    • jm

      Couldn’t agree more — I hope I can fit in lots of those this summer ^_^ you would really love this walk Barbara — the homes are definitely your style in the heart of SF :-*

  1. I’m reliving this afternoon all over again! also having a VERY proud moment in photography here (even though it was all your styling and camera equipment! ;) )

    (also, can we get ^barbara to SF already?!! now THAT would be an epic photo date!)

    • jm

      YESSSSSS. I love her photos — agreed! This was such a fun date and I personally lOVE the photos that resulted from it. You and I make a great photo team. Uhhhhh newshootdateplease??? ;-)


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