Macaron Guide — SF Edition

February 28, 2014

The weather report predicts rainy days ahead for SF so I may be spending some quiet days indoors, but it won’t be without a few sweets here and there (or everywhere). I hope it’s not too soon to be posting again about macarons on this blog, because I’ve been scouring SF for weeks now to find the best ones in the city (the things I do for blogging). Here are my top 4 picks thus far:


Miette Patisserie -- Miette Patisserie -- Miette Patisserie --

You won’t find the glossy bright colors typically associated with the cookie at Miette Patisserie. They use coarsely ground almond-meringue with the purest ingredients (nothing artificial and no food coloring) to result in a unique textural crunch. A very Northern California twist on the French classic. I picked up some cookies and melt-in-your-mouth lemon drops in their Ferry building location (they’re also on Octavia), which is conveniently located across the aisle from Blue Bottle Coffee. Whole grain macarons and artisinal espresso in one of SF’s landmark buildings — could you get any more San Francisco?

Chantal Guinon

chantal guillon -- chantal guillon -- chantal guillon --

Since discovering Chantal Guillon I’ve quickly become completely addicted. These macarons are consistently delicious, and the closest taste and texture wise to their Parisian cousins back in France (with one exception I’ll mention below). They could use some new design on their packaging, and I wish they had more unique flavors (or more rotating ones, although they do have holiday flavors 4 times a year, including isaphan for Valentine’s day most recently), but I do love the flavors they have (Speculoos-Raspberry and Tahitian Vanilla are my favorites), that they’re open 7 days a week, and that they also carry Mariage Frères tea.

Tout Sweet Patisserie

tout sweet -- tout sweet -- tout sweet --

Tout Sweet takes the cake for the most original cookie flavorings I’ve discovered thus far, such Aztec Spiced Chocolate, Earl Gray Tea, Olive Oil & Mandarin, or Bing Cherry & Bourbon, to name a few (flavors rotate regularly). Dine in at their location overlooking Union Square, or select a few flavors to take away in their gorgeous box for rooftop snacking later on.

B Patisserie

b patisserie -- www.threadandbones.comb patisserie --

I’ve rhapsodized at length about my love for B Patisserie before now, but at long last I was able to not only try her weekend-only macarons, but order a giant Isaphan version for Valentine’s. Belinda studied at Pierre Hermé in Paris, and it comes through in her cookies, which are tied with Chantal Guillon for the best I’ve had in the city so far.

What patisseries have you tried in SF? Where should I go next?

  1. You have to try L’Artisan Macaron ( !
    Since 2006, they are producing French style macarons with only natural ingredients.
    You can find them at WholeFoods or other gourmet stores.
    Don’t hesitate to contact them for more information and maybe a VIP testing… :-)


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