When I was young and my family would take me to the beach each summer I would comb the shores for treasures. Seashells and driftwood would always make it back home with me to add to growing collections, but I was hoping for a much bigger prize. Every time I found a bottle washed ashore I would splash through the waves to grab it before it could be dragged back out to sea, draining out whatever water and debris was inside, dreaming for the ultimate find — a message rolled up inside, with words from a soulmate across the water, instructions on how to find treasure, or a treasure map itself. I would leap on each spotted bottle impatiently, hope springing anew each time, but I never found the prize I was hoping for. There’s something so magical about the thought of finding a hidden message, from another time or place that’s traveled through space and history to get to you. That’s part of why I love living in a city like San Francisco; rich in history, where every home, building and street corner holds a message from the past. So the other week when M and I unexpectedly found ourselves picnicking on Ocean Beach, I left a message behind for another dreamer to find. M captured the moment in this amazing video — take a look!

Ocean Beach / Moroccan Tunic from MB Maher on Vimeo.

_MG_0002 _MG_0056

And in case anyone is worried, I watched the beach from my hideout spot up in the dunes to make sure someone would find the bottle — it took almost no time at all. What would you say if you were leaving a message behind in a capsule for a stranger to discover? Have you ever been lucky enough to find a hidden message yourself? Tell me the story in a comment below. Until next time, follow me on pinterest and instagram to get a daily dose of inspiration!


Dress: found in the souks of Morocco — similar here/Slip: Free People/Bag: Vintage Couch/Hat: Ducks in a Row

All photography and video by MB Maher

Thank you for reading!

  1. I adore your blog–it makes me miss the Bay Area so badly.
    As a child I also used to comb the seashore for seashells and other treasures mixed up with driftwood and seaweed after a storm.

  2. Love this idea. After years of living by the sea you’d think I would have found one by now…Maybe I should take a page from your book and send one out myself :)

  3. M&J — this really brings the cold grey beaches of SF to life again for me. A beach perhaps not to everyone’s taste but guaranteed tempestuous and windblown, perfect for such adventures.


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