July 25, 2014

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Once I spotted this crumbling house on the hills above Scribe Winery I couldn’t resist exploring. As you can tell I had a hard time narrowing down these amazing images taken by MB Maher, which so beautifully depict this time capsule of California’s history. Every home tells a story — even when they’re almost barren of furniture or trappings — and my imagination was completely captured by this old vineyard estate; it’s unique architecture with Moroccan-style keyholes over the front windows; the drawings sketched out on the walls throughout; empty bottles of champagne on the top floor; carnival lights strung across the grand foyer; peeling wallpaper that revealed bay area newspapers from the 1950s. I climbed out on the second story deck and looked out over the rolling hills and vineyards around us and imagined all the people before me throughout time who had mimicked that gesture, who they were, and what their lives had been like living in old California.

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Dress: Louie et Lucie/Shoes: Eric Michael _MG_3308 _MG_3277 _MG_3326_MG_3334_MG_3148

That about wraps up my road trip adventures in NorCal! How has your summer been treating you so far? I’d love to hear from you — send me a comment, & if you like what you see here follow me on pinterest, and instagram!


Mostly shot by MB Maher and a few by me.

  1. linda

    It seems to be in pretty good shape for an abandoned house. You don’t find those around much anymore. Years ago I remember exploring one, much like this one, with interesting Moroccan designs cut into the walls and a curved staircase, with the steps all but missing. It was 3 stories with the flat patio/roof and it sat on the edge of a crumbling ocean cliff. Probably why it was abandoned. The top floor had a huge empty space where a wall sized picture window had been. I remember blue tiles all over the roof top with places to sit around the edges. In retrospect, a pretty dangerous place to play and explore. It was right next to Swamis in Encinitas. I always regret not getting pictures. I am glad you have plenty from your discovery. This house is gone now and they made the area into “Sea Cliff County Park”

    • jm

      I love this story! San Diego is so beautiful, I’ve got to try and track this house down and see if it’s still there =)

  2. Such a dreamy pictures! You really captured the vibe of that place. I once was also at Scribe Winery, but honestly I was a little bit afraid to go inside and also I wasn’t sure if it’s open but I didn’t hurry to ask someone. ;) And oh that Rattlesnakes sign, really dislike. ;)

    • jm

      Yes I consider myself very fortunate that I did not encounter any rattlesnakes on this trip!

  3. iHola! from blog party! Finally got a chance to check out your site and I’m in love! I’m newish to the bay area and your adventures are the perfect inspiration for me to explore our beautiful city and beyond. I’ve got you bookmarked! Keep in touch! xo. Kelly

    • jm

      Thanks so much for dropping by and for the comment Kelly! So good to reconnect with you! I’ve definitely got you on my blogroll as well =)



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