August 25, 2015


This is what my life in San Francisco looks like from one day to the next…

I know I’m not the first one to say this about SF — but the weather here is bananas. From one day to the very next it can be drastically different. Heck, from one hour to the next you never really know what to expect. I can look out the window to bright sun and still leaves on the trees outside my house but two blocks away I turn the corner to icy wind and within minutes the fog rolls in. Likewise the day might begin overcast; I put something cosy and head out into the world and a few hours later it’s 80 degrees and then I’m that person on the muni with their smelly arms up in the air ruining your commute.


Men’s Shirt from Azalea/Shorts: Asos/Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


Scoring these killer loafers on sale causes me to sometimes kick my heels up in delight. When I come back down to earth I’m reminded that the only problem is the leather is still super stiff. It feels like it’s going to break me in before I break them. I’ve tried wearing them on home with socks to ease along the process but clunky heels in a city apartment is a dangerous game to play. I haven’t managed to beat them down yet, but my stubbornness will prevail and someday down the road I will have the perfect shoe. Some things just need more of a time investment than others.

IMG_3280legionofhonorIMG_3285Everything in this outfit is thrifted except for the shoes, which you’ve seen before here and here, so I’ll refrain from a breakdown this time. On this day I went to catch the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at the Legion of Honor — which was a visual and sartorial delight but is sadly no longer showing. Did anyone else catch it? Have you been to this museum? It was actually my first time at the Legion of Honor — peacefully tucked away from all the action amongst sprawling meadows and trees in Land’s End Park. The architecture feels more like Europe than the New World; it reminded me of the National Archives in Paris, which was such a meditative spot to sit for a spell with an eclair or macaron. If you’re visiting the Legion of Honor here’s my picks in the neighborhood:


Swing by Marla for coffee & delicious baked goods

Visit the Legion of Honor for 18th century and antiquities paintings

Lunch at Shanghai Dumpling King — cheap and wonderful

Browse Mixed Nuts for vintage and thrifted treasures

Pop into Cassava for a glass of wine

Catch a movie at the historic Balboa Theatre

Watch the sun set over the ocean from the Sutro Baths


SF’s fickle weather is increasingly becoming a metaphor for my life. No matter how much you prepare the best laid plans can still go awry, and you cannot always predict the weather. You just have to shrug your shoulders and roll with each day as it is – and if it’s a sunny one keep on eating ice cream, going to the beach, listening to music outdoors, and watching a movie in the park, because despite what the back to school industrial complex is telling you, summer is here. Summer is now. If the weather’s against us let’s try telling ourselves that summer is a state of mind. Be the summer you want to see.

What kind of end-of-summer plans do you have in the works? Let’s hear in the comments, and until next time let’s stay connected over on  instagram, pinterest, or twitter. If you want to stay up with the latest post follow me on bloglovin’ or subscribe to my newsletter — the link is on my home page.

Thank you for reading!

Photos by myself and MB Maher

  1. Love the carefree photoshoot– how is your hair always so perfectly unkempt? Tell me your secrets!

    Growing up, I would go to the Legion of Honor and the DeYoung on a regular basis– I miss it. And I’m adding Shanghai Dumpling King to my next foray into the city.

    Also, I’ll take some of that not-so-summery summer right about now! Pasadena was scorching yesterday; sitting in my car with the engine off was unbearable, so I basically just threw away gas money.

  2. Lovely photos! I adore the Legion of Honor and it was one of the few places I usually visited with my mom or dad when we came up to San Francisco. Also, your hair looks fabulous in that second-to-last photo! A tousled Brigitte Bardot look.

    • jm

      I’m so glad I finally explored it! It’s such an interesting oasis — feels so different from the rest of the city. And THANK YOU Cory — you say the sweetest things ^_^

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