February 4, 2014


Some of my friends seem to have the impression that I spend my days traipsing about beautiful cities, eating macarons and exploring new cafés. And the truth is… they may be right. I have no evidence in my defense, anyway — each time I lure a friend out for adventures that’s precisely what we end up doing. I’m a one macaron pony. Recently the gorgeous Sarah of Sanfranista was able to join me for a weekday expedition, which is my favorite day for exploring. Benefits include less waiting for food and drink, more interaction with owners and employees, and less people staring and rolling their eyes as you photograph your cappuccino from 6 different angles. The one downsides is (of course) missing out on the weekend brunch menu, which in the case of Cassava features a certain meatball curry egg dish I’ve been stalking on instagram for weeks now. The plusses definitely outweighed the cons this time, as Sarah and I were able to indulge in a leisurely bloggess catch up session over luscious eggs and strong coffee while taking in Cassava’s adorable decor. This was a trek off the beaten path for both of us, but I love how you can drive for 15 minutes in San Francisco and end up feeling like you’re in an entirely new city. I also love that we rented a zipcar and packed thermoses and extra coats to travel said 15 minutes away. If it’s not within walking distance in this town it becomes a road trip.

IMG_7616 cassava2IMG_7612IMG_7586 IMG_7593IMG_7615cassava



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