January 20, 2015

_MG_8741 The other day we went to the far Eastern shores of the city in search of some sun. This area is called South Beach and also called SoMa (South of Market). It’s an odd part of the city, and you probably wouldn’t come here unless for a giant’s game or for the CalTrain station. Outside of those two bustling destinations you’ve got pockets of total isolation — like these piers just a few blocks away from the stadium. You can turn a corner around here and suddenly feel like you’re in a completely different San Francisco



Les Clos — an all day brasserie with delicious foods and an impressive cheese and wine menu

(but on a sunny day go to Butler and Chef to try and nab one of their two outdoor tables facing the park)

Pier 24 Photography — A free gallery (just make a res in advance) that puts you alone in a gigantic space with beautiful, odd, surreal and inspiring works (including my fav photographer Larry Sultan)


I didn’t plan on wandering through a shipyard in this outfit, but after aforementioned lunch and photography I felt the need to explore. These quiet docks called to me, as a place to sit and be still for a moment and take stock. There’s a lot on my mind this month — places I want to go, things I haven’t done yet, and habits I want to form to carry me through the new year. Let’s start with an easy one — I was looking through my wardrobe the other day and could neither remember nor understand how so many neutrals got in there. Almost everything I own is some form of beige, brown, grey, or taupe. The only color in there that popped out at me? Bright red (case in point). Why that is — when my most flattering color has always been blue — I just can’t tell you. So, as silly as it is, one of the things on my mind for this year (let’s not kid ourselves and say resolutions) is to start wearing more color. I’ve always shied away from bright shades in the past, and I want to challenge whatever insecurity that’s stemming from.


Sweater: Free People (worn here, similar here)/Skirt: Vintage/Socks: Free People/Heels: Dolce Vita (worn here)

Other changes and goals for the new year? I want to start reading more books in print instead of on a screen; I want to visit the main branch of the San Francisco library; I really want to work in the time to go for a run once a week (gotta wait until this cold clears up first), and I want to drink more tea (but you knew that one). I want to start each day by deliberately pausing and thinking of one thing I’m grateful for (It’d be even better if I wrote those down…). But the biggest change on my mind is how to work less hours this year. I’ve got a plan to take one extra day off a week from my day job; giving myself three day weekends for personal and creative projects.

To begin with — I am daily grateful that I even have a busy job to need to take a break from. But my contract work is in a high-stress field that takes a lot out of me physically and mentally and I have no control over the pace of it. Or rather, the onus is on me to turn work down (i.e. say no to money) — so you can guess how often that’s happened. And I can never take a sick or a personal day, because it’s just me — it’s my business. So without risking my career I’m going to finally limit myself on how many assignments I accept and how many hours a week I work. It’s terrifying, because I live in one of the most expensive cities in the countries and there’s no one who’s going to pay my bills if I can’t, but at the end of the day — this is my life, and I’m not living in this city so I can spend every waking moment working or exhausted.


I still don’t know if I’ll be able to pull it off, but I’m going to try my hardest. And if I eventually get a rhythm going I hope to post here more often and continue this pattern of a fuller story in each post — where I was, what I was thinking and why, what I did there, and yes, what I wore. This isn’t a fashion blog, or even a San Francisco blog — it’s a visual diary of my lifestyle — so I thought it was about time I shared more of what that lifestyle entails. In the past I’ve kept a lot of things pretty close to the vest for a variety of important reasons, but another one of my goals for the year is to be more open here. My secret goal is that as I share more personal details, I hope that you’ll feel comfortable sharing more of your own with me. Part of the purpose of this blog is to make memories; to have that visual diary to be able to go back through in the months and years to come, but a bigger part is to connect with you — the unmet friend.

Thanks so much for reading. If you’d like to share what’s on your mind please feel free to leave me a comment.

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Hope to see you soon

Thanks to MB Maher for the photography in this post.

  1. And I love this visual diary. :) I’m changing up my posting schedule by the way (i.e. less…) and I’m taking a page out of the thread and bones book and allowing my blog to be more of a photographic journal/ space to write eloquent thoughts. I hope. :)

    • jm

      I saw that link and I think that’s great for you! I’m so excited for you that your work is becoming so successful — that’s fantastic! — and as you’ve already created a beautiful space to write eloquent thoughts, I have a feeling the fewer-post time table is going to result in even more thoughtful and captivating content — and I wouldn’t have believed before that you could top yourself in that regard! Your work is flourishing so strongly — it’s incredibly inspiring :)

  2. omg, those shoes, that outfit! love it all! this totally makes me want to visit california.
    and as for your job, sometimes the mind just needs an extra day to recoop. i say trust your gut with this one and take it where you can. you got this : )
    i always look forward to your posts here- what a beautiful collection of photos and words.

    • jm

      I couldn’t agree more about trusting your gut! And I hope you do visit California some day, I’d love to show you around the bay area :)

  3. I love this. I always struggle as well with categorizing my blog, as I don’t want to be only about “food” or “San Francisco.” It’s an evolution of who we are and what we want to share with the world around us as we simultaneously discover it. I also love Les Clos – and I gotta check out Pier 24!

  4. This was a nice post to read. I really feel you on the last thing – about taking back your life, so to speak. I feel the same way about my job – it’s not a contract position like yours, but I know how hard it is to turn down opportunities sometimes. But it’s also not fun feeling physically/mentally exhausted all the time and not having energy to really work on meaningful things outside of your day job. I still haven’t figured out my work life balance either, but I do know it’s not a sustainable model.

    Anyway I really like your blog. I found you through the Free People blog and I totally get you and I hope we both discover the right changes for our lives. xo

    • jm

      Thanks so much for leaving me this heartfelt message Tiffany. It’s the best thing to connect with a kindred spirit. Finding the right life-work balance might be the job for a lifetime, but I really want to make it more of a priority for me — sometimes you just need to say no instead of yes, and it’s all about learning which is the right time to say which. Thanks for letting me know how you find the blog — let’s definitely stay in touch. Good luck Tiffany!


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