When Free People invited me to a DIY in a gorgeous garden shop just blocks from home I had to pinch myself before accepting this wasn’t a dream. As a long-time admirer of the brand — both clothing as well as lifestyle blog — it was unbelievably exciting to get to work with the ladies behind the logo. It was one of our rainy days last week, but we all crowded into the warm and green space in Bernal Height’s Succulence shop. Owners Ken and Amy made us feel so at home while they taught all about working with succulents; it was an absolutely treat to share the space on such an intimate level as we explored every nook and cranny of the shop and back yard courtyard, cooing over each beautiful, unique little plant. Ken was on hand through the entire experience to help us shape each terrarium into exactly what we dreamed. Another big highlight came from mingling with all the girls at the event themselves — free spirits and fearless all. There were so many strong, fascinating women crowded into this hidden gem. It proved to be a fantastic opportunity to further collaborate with other creative minds, as I’ll be showing you all down the road! But for now, more of this remarkable afternoon:

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