June 16, 2015


When you lose yourself on the road — when you really sink into traveling from you head to your toes — you come out the other side knowing something more about yourself and life than when you went in. At the time you might not see it; you might only be able to marvel at the red earth, blue sky, impossible landscapes and breathtaking beauty around you. At the warm days that give way to cool evenings — when lighting strikes, and music begins to play in a backyard where tequila is raised in celebration. Later you retrace your steps through journal notes and photographs for clues on how to process what could otherwise feel overwhelming. In Santa Fe I could hold these lessons in my hands. They were things of substance and weight; the bonds between the family you’re given and the families you make and the way you reach after those sparks with both hands open, arms stretched wide. The heft of a silver necklace left on the pillow beside your sleeping head. The weight of two rings passed between many hands. Smoothed corners of strong adobe and pounded metal.

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This trip was about being reminded that the world is vast and beautiful, and that home could be found anywhere. It’s about reclaiming a spirit of adventure; facing a little danger, getting uncomfortable, and coming out rejuvenated. It was not about reading any of the books I’d packed; nor about following the trail I’d mapped out; keeping on schedule; seeing everything there was to see; finding any souvenirs to bring home, or even staying wrinkle free. I left the maps in the dessert; my souvenirs are photographs and memories of borrowed jewelry.



I entered a wedding with no place to stay the following night and I left it with new family members. In the morning after we drank coffee in a courtyard filled with gorgeously vintage furniture and native plants, and we spoke for hours about homes. In the afternoon I wandered through the small, dreamy streets of Santa Fe — getting lost in almost-hidden side alleys and secret courtyards before lunching on tacos and margaritas on a patio overhead. I perused turquoise jewelry and spoke to their Navajo makers at the Palace of the Governors; browsed vintage pieces Lewallen & Lewallen Jewelry and the museum of fine art and history museum gift shops. At the end of the day we drove out of town to a hillside where a gorgeous soul greeted us and welcomed us home. We broke bread, make cocktails, and shared stories late into the night.


Dress: Zara/Jewelry: Navajo made – Vintage/Hat: Vintage/Shoes: Minnetonka

M and I have been photographing weddings of our friends for years, but this was the year we decided to make a business out of it, and so far I don’t know why we didn’t make this decision earlier. There’s nothing more inspiring than chasing after stories of love and capturing those moments. May began wedding season for us and it looks like it’s going to be a glorious year. If you’re interested in hiring the Thread and Bones team to document your special event, email us at and take a look at our wedding website here. Our speciality is capturing the behind-the-scenes moments as well as the big ones — crafting together a time capsule of romance, relationship, and family.


I wish I had more images of Santa Fe to share with you, but I was too busy soaking in the sights to document most of them on this trip. I definitely plan on returning — New Mexico is rightly called the Land of Enchantment and Santa Fe has won me heart and soul. Have you experienced Santa Fe or New Mexico? Share your stories with me belowIf you aren’t yet, keep up with me on bloglovin to hear about the latest posts, and follow me on instagram for daily adventures.

Thank you for reading!

  1. Delphine

    Yessss :why didn’t you make the decision earlier ? I told you this two years ago in Paris. I should plane some wedding Rendez vous for you here, during june and july because it is very chic to have an american wedding photographer here. One month=4 week-ends= 4 weddings. You could travel everywhere by photographing love on every place on earth.
    Your pictures are amazing and delicate, precious, oui, précieuses is the right word. I miss you so much. You are in myheart, mes copains. Bisous

    • jm

      Delphine I bow to your wisdom! You were right all along!!! I don’t know why it took us so long to get this going — life happened I suppose =)
      We would love to have an excuse to come to France we miss you and L so much!!! I will email you about our Euro business opportunities ;) sounds like you have the right plan!
      You are in our heart Delphine and miss you and think of you often! Sending you so much love mon compain!

    • jm

      Thank you so much for saying so Kristina and for coming all the way from Russia to leave a comment!!! Your blog and style are so lovely ^_^ it’s so good to meet you! :-*

  2. Loving the narrative here! And, totally unsurprised that you didn’t take more photos– those are signs of a truly captivating adventure.

    On an entirely different note, you’re such a natural before the camera! That outfit is the quintessential Southwestern garb; well done, friend

    • jm

      Thank you friend! I was worried about disappointing you because I know you’re so curious about Santa Fe — it’s an amazing little city that I really think you will love. We should rendezvous there one of these years :-)

  3. Ellen Joy Roth

    What a beautiful post — you’ve done our little corner of the world proud. It was a pleasure having you and hope to see you again soon. I have new gin. Perfect weekend!

    • jm

      Sharing your corner of the world for an evening is one of our favorite memories of this entire road trip! It was so generous and wonderful of you to welcome us into your beautiful home — you hold a special place in our hearts and I hope we can visit soon as well as return the favor someday! Sending you much love and well wishes <3 <3 <3

  4. Linda Archibald

    We loved having you in Santa Fe. Your photos are amazing. Please come back and stay with us. You are both are

    • jm

      I may make you eat those words when I move in permanently Linda ;-)
      You have an absolutely gorgeous home and we feel so privileged to have spent time there. Thank you so much for everything!!!

    • jm

      It kept getting so wrinkled on this trip but I couldn’t help wearing it constantly — one of my faves for summer. Loving your style btw Jessica — thanks so much for dropping a line here =)

    • jm

      Thank you so much Katie!!! We’re SO excited and I DEFINITELY need all the luck I can get ^_^

    • jm

      It IS the most fun Carla!!! I’m loving every minute and wish I had started doing this earlier =)

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