It’s August and the days are long. From the East side of the city I watch the sun set behind Twin Peaks each day into a featherbed of fog. Late in the day I walk through the streets and all that old Victorian glass gleams silver and the moldings and decorations — lions, scrolls or fans —…

tore up


Shorts: Thrifted/Blouse: through Modcloth/Sweater: Free People/Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell/Bag: Zara It’s not hard to imagine this beach — with its stillness, its haziness, its prickly dune grass-iness — as a world apart from the rest of the city. In earlier days San Franciscans used to weekend or vacation here, but now we just mostly make the…

point reyes

thread and bones comp

Skirt: Laila Jayde (Twig & Willow)/Blouse: Criss Cross/Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell The cold is rattling outside my windows and stealing in through the cracks, but I’m wrapping myself in the memory of this warm weekend day; of this heavy, striped skirt falling around my legs and tying them together in a mermaid’s tail. Both of these…



Tunic: Free People/Sweater: One Teaspoon/Boots: Jeffrey Campbell/Bag:Vintage/Necklace: Audra’s Details My choice in dress most days largely relies on what is closest to my bed when I role out of it. There is usually a favored item or outfit that I wear everyday for the week (or month) until something else catches my eye and that…

vermouth in the afternoon


Dress: Orion London/Pants: Prvcy Premium/Boots: Jeffrey Campbell/Jacket: Vintage  Last Wednesday’s people watching began in my pajamas but soon required riding boots and a Manhattan cocktail. I don’t know how the shift dress got there… My obsession with all things remotely art nouveau is single-minded, but this garment is a little too sweet with its creamy sheerness….

shiny things


John Fluevog Jeffrey Campbell Campbell again I’m currently obsessed with these particular hardware-embellished yet delicate heels. Which is fortunate, as it turns out; I’ve been informed that I have weirdly shaped feet and anything pointy or flat-formed looks unflattering on me. Didn’t come as a nail in the coffin, or even really a shocker. I’m…

hot pants


      I keep throwing on these nude, high-waisted, two-toned shorts for the hot mornings and afternoons we’ve been having in San Francisco. As it would obviously take far too much time to both borrow and set up the neighbor’s ironing board, the shorts remain wrinkled. Despite this, I wear them frequently and with…