Normal life is a constant battle to construct the smallest opportunity for creativity to seep in. Last week I snuck away to downtown LA for a few days to get my thoughts in order about this past year. Shake everything out, see what stick (#I’vebeenlisteningtotoomuchserial) …



‘Then,’ observed Elizabeth, ‘you must comprehend a great deal in your idea of an accomplished woman.’ It struck me the other day how amazed and fortunate I feel to have so many accomplished women in my life. For Mr. Bingley it was enough to paint tables, cover skreens, and net purses, but today I hardly meet…



Once I spotted this crumbling house on the hills above Scribe Winery I couldn’t resist exploring. As you can tell I had a hard time narrowing down these amazing images taken by MB Maher, which so beautifully depict this time capsule of California’s history. Every home tells a story — even when they’re almost barren of furniture or trappings —…



… and explore Where: A certain tunnel in the Marin Headlands Wearing: These boots and these cut-offs Why: Sometimes paleaolythic discoveries are just a drive across  the Golden Gate Bridge away Happy adventuring my friends! Until next time — send me a comment, & follow on pinterest, and instagram. XO


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The two constants in my life are change and California. And driving across the 38th parallel this past week, watching ecosystems swing from arid to foggy, watching my dashboard thermometer go from 102 (39 C) to 62 (16 C) in the space of 2 hours, reminds me that California IS change.  And so therefore the…

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One of my favorite travel memories comes from a walking/eating tour led by a city local when visiting Istanbul. I had already fallen head over heels in love with Turkish food, coffee and tea, and this tour allowed me to indulge in all these things while also discovering so much about the history and culture of the Turkish…