While I’ve always professed that October is my favorite month (that crispness in the air — an entire holiday dedicated to candy) I’ll confess something (if you promise not to tell): October, you can stay in bed; September, November, hold your head; it’s December I’m in love…

denim on denim


Jacket: Zara/Tee: Forever21/Button up: Madewell/Suspenders: Urban Outfitters/Shoes: Sendra/Jeans: H&M Not wearing denim on denim used to be one of those sacred edicts of fashion — like not wearing white after Labor Day. Those who broke these edicts risked being branded as a bounder, or worse (not that anything we wear these days is actually real denim,…



Coat: Zara/Blouse: Urban Outfitters/Pants: Free People/Shoes: Hudson Time travel is not as easy as it seems. We were shooting for the summer of love in Haight Ashbury, but instead ended up in 1970’s Manhattan. We think it’s the Lower East Side, but we’re still investigating. Well, there’s always next weekend.



Sweater: Urban Outfitters/Dress: Free People/Boots: Vintage/Tights: H&M/Bag: Zara (thrifted from Wasteland)/Frames: Danilo Carraro, Venice This has been my uniform the past few gray and drizzly weeks: cozy, huge sweater over dresses or jeans, warm leg ware, and ankle boots. SF summers are not for the faint of heart.  Today as I blog this, though, there isn’t a…

tall grass


Happy Memorial Day folks! I hope your day is shaping up to be beautiful. Today I took my brother and friends to Tartine Bakery in the Mission, and we ate quiche in the park watching the clouds blow by. This weekend is the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the cities been thrumming…

i only wear blue


    It’s good to know — when life gets really shitty and strange and upsidedown and bizarre — that no matter what happens to me, the exact same thing has apparently happened to at least one if not more of the member’s of the band: Dr Dog. It lends a sort of order to…