March 10, 2015

_MG_0195Home to me means mixture of absolute comfort and safety, with live-work utility, alongside daily inspiration. A place where I can get my work done, entertain friends, and also cozy up away from it all with a book or my laptop. One of my at-home sources of daily inspiration has been local magazine 7×7 in my inbox each morning — introducing me to cool people and events in the city I wouldn’t have known about otherwise — I was completely amazed when 7×7 asked me to shoot our space for their instagram-worthy feature. It turned out to be just the opportunity to look around again with fresh eyes. Rearrange a few things, freshen up the flowers, remind myself what I love about this home. Victorians are as challenging to live in as they are beautiful. One of my favorite things is also the most difficult to style — all of this untouched, gorgeous redwood and mahogany wainscoting is truly unique — think of all the occupants in the past hundred years who chose to NOT paint over this old wood — and while I love it dearly there’s no denying it keeps the home quite dark. This will never be a chic, bright, clean, white, modernist, Scandinavian home. Instead, it’s a bit of a gypsy den that we’ve filled with all kinds of vintage and odds and ends — mid-century to turn of the last century couches, chairs, desks and tables; colorful Bauer pottery; living and dried flowers; scrapyard and street finds to flea market treasures; prints, postcards, photos and magazine clippings all over the walls from our travels and reads. I owe 7×7 so many gigantic thank you’s for the huge compliment of featuring our messy, eclectic home yesterday — for many reasons, not the least for the encouragement to re-photograph the constantly evolving space.

IMG_6064home3_MG_8188 homeMG_7158

As M & I both work from home space was the most important factor when we were looking for an apartment (tied in first place with a clawfoot bathtub). We got the space, but another challenge found in this railroad Victorian was that every single room was built with one or multiple doorways, including the kitchen, the storage room, and the pantry. Between these and the living room there are no less than five doors. We’ve removed some to put them in storage, but it still makes finding a focal point for the rear rooms difficult. We’re always rotating things around — though more often then not, wherever we’re cooking or pouring drinks tends to be the focal point.


I may have a bit of an obsession with glassware — these come from estate sales, thrift stores, Istanbul, up and down the West Coast, and sometimes from CB2

Besides work I do a lot of cooking in this home. Yesterday I even accomplished something I never thought would really happen — prepping a bunch of dishes from my CSA ingredients to go in the fridge and freezer for the week. People have always told me what a good idea this is, how easy it can be to do all the cooking at the beginning of the week; each time I’ve smiled politely and nodded while secretly thinking that I will NEVER have the time or foresight to do that. Turns out I can still surprise myself. Over the course of the day in between work I made this kale stir fry, threw most of the veggies (sweet and regular potato, carrot, squash, celery, onions) into a chili, and finished this butternut squash & rosemary pasta sauce to freeze for next week. I even found time to do this with all of the nuts and legumes in the house. With all the final bits I made a big, kitchen-sink sort of salad — wild arugula, oranges, fennel, spring onions, radishes, and the first strawberries of the season. They arrived in the box this Friday, earlier than expected, sweeter than hoped for, and much appreciated.


It gives me such joy to be a caretaker of this magical old lady; to cherish her long wooden bones and lovely corners and move them along through time for a while. Thanks again to 7×7 for the encouragement and shout-out. Be sure to check out their super sweet article if you’d like to see more images of our space.

Thank you for taking a tour of my home with me! If you have a chance share your own home story below in the comments — how you work with the pros and cons of the space you have, what your favorite aesthetic is — whatever else strikes your fancy!  Such as how daylight savings is treating you so far — for me there’s a lot more collaborations coming up this spring with other bloggers and a really exciting event that I’ll hosting. You’ll hear all about it here soon, I promise! Until then, I’ll see you on instagram where I’m by far the most active — be sure to send me a note on there so I can follow you back! We can also stay in touch over at pinteresttwitter, or facebook. I personally use the site bloglovin’ to keep track of my reads, but it’s kind of annoying me lately with slow loading times. What to you use to keep track of blogs? 

Thanks again — see you next time!

  1. awesome! glad your beautifully curated home is getting some much deserved attention! banksy’s face in that last photo!… epic caturday moods.

    xo- c

    • jm

      Ha! Banksy was really feeling over the whole picture-taking thing at this point and was starting to fall back asleep. I really gotta photograph that little guy more — he is the most photogenic thing in the house!

    • jm

      THANK YOU! All that wood is what attracted us to the space in the first place — I feel like I’m living in a tall-masted sailing ship of bygone years =)

  2. Alyssa Pacaut

    Looks like the perfect place to drink champagne and/or daydream. And really, the space is so you and M. Well done guys!

    • jm

      Awe that’s so sweet, thank you so much! Our doors are always open to you to come drink champagne and daydream with us — come visit soon!!!

  3. What a beautiful old house. You can feel the age and history in it- I really love that. I’m moving soon, so I hope to find a house with that kind of warmth wherever we end up (:

    • jm

      Awe thank you, that’s exactly what we were going for and it makes my heart so happy to hear that =)

  4. I love your aestetics and your home is so lovely. I do miss old homes. Thailand does not have these kinds of beautiful old homes. I mean, they do, but they are different and how I miss the 1920s era of American homes. Thank you for the tour, loved it! Don’t make me choose just one picture to like!

  5. jm

    I would love to see the architecture of the homes in Thailand — I have never been and have no idea what they look like! You should do a post on it!!!
    Thanks so much for dropping by and for the kind words Lani!


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