Someone I love very much once told me — you have to get out the way of happiness.


There are so many fears and reasonings that keep us from chasing that thing, the goal or the person that could make us happy. When you can catch a bit of it it’s all the sweeter because that’s such a hard thing to do in the first place. Happiness is sand slipping through your fingers; gone as quickly as you caught it, with only the taste of its memory fading with time.


It takes courage to keep chasing, and few people have displayed that more to me than my own significant photographer. In the last few decades we’ve seen the photography industry change wholly, and it’s credibility slips further away with each camera phone upgrade. The incentive to mix your passion with your business is hardly encouraging, but despite this M hasn’t been able to stop picking up his camera; quietly documenting our life and other bloggers (one of my favorites being this shoot with the darling Ashley Ording), as well as individuals and publications such as Eater, Curbed, Paper and 7×7 (sometimes even making a video (or two!)). With the launch of our recent collaboration shooting the Souvla space for their fancy new site, we’ve decided to step his work out into the business world once again, and have featured the best of the collection in a new set displayed here.


See anything you like? Drop us a line — our team is available to shoot your space, event or portrait here in the Bay Area and around the world at large — we’d love to create images with you!

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In summary : see more of our shoot for Souvla at their new site here, check out MB Maher’s latest work here, and hire us by emailing me at! Pick one — or just meet us at happy hour at Trou Normand.

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