July 28, 2015


What’s the longest you remember anticipating something?

Drive down the wild, windy road to California’s Big Sur and eventually you’ll come to across a camping site with pavilion-like tents amongst manicured gardens, thickets and pines. Treebones has been on my radar since its inception 11 years ago — friends in SoCal spoke of them or a sibling spending a summer working at a fancy yurt resort far up on the coast, images kept popping up in magazines and newspaper, and in more recent years it’s become a blogger and instagram darling. When a friend picked her wedding site just 10 minutes up the road I finally had my excuse to visit Treebones myself — and I marveled that I’d waited so long. It made me wonder when the last time was I’d anticipated something for such an extensive period — normally my wait times for something are anywhere from instant (I want to stream this movie now!) to a matter of months, or maybe a few years for bigger things that require saving and planning (with the caveat, of course, that these dreams are at all possible). Over a decade is unusual for my impatient and impulsive self, and my excitement grew and grew on the 4 hour drive from San Francisco. Treebones — you did not disappoint.

IMG_1376IMG_1260treebones3IMG_1319treebones1Unfortunately I don’t have any interior yurt images to share with you (no time between the rush to get ready for the wedding and the post-wedding recovery period) but imagine a pavilion fit for traveling royalty — gorgeous hardwood floors, a circular skylight overhead, heater, sink, divan, and a bed large enough to get lost in — which I spent a lot of time in during said post recovery wedding period. We were all doing so well maintaining on delicious wines picked particularly by the groom — until the bartenders turned in for the night, the alcohol became ‘help yourself’ and the next thing you know everyone is drinking Hendricks martinis (#bestweddingever/#worsthangoverever). Even though I managed to spill most of the martini on myself while dancing (happily/badly) it wasn’t until the late afternoon that I had the strength to meander the site’s melancholy trails. Fortunately there are lots of quiet spots to sit and soak in the views. Along the way I stumbled into Treebone’s organic garden, which provides most of the ingredients for the lodge’s restaurant and sushi counter.



GETTING TO: The resort is directly off highway 1, but it’s easy to miss and cell service is poor so keep your eyes peeled and make sure you’ve got the milage figured out before you get too far into Big Sur

EATING AT: The lodge’s restaurant food is amazing, but if you can you must try the sushi counter — it’s the best I’ve ever eaten, with unique veggie pairings from the garden (beets, zuchinis, sweet potato and asparagus, along with the more usual cucumber and avocado)

SLEEPING IN: You can reserve a pavilion or you can pitch your own tent on a campsite if you just want to take advantage of the beautiful site and amenities. Make sure you book as far in advance as possible as yurts are limited


And just because I can’t resist sharing — here’s some images from a Big Sur wedding on the perfect California day with billowing fog, bright bright sun, and dancing into the night under a clear sky of stars.treebonesIMG_1185IMG_1214treebones5IMG_1183Now that I can cross Treebones off my list the next thing I’ve been dying to do for well over a decade is visit Greece. I’ve come close, but I still haven’t crossed the border and I don’t know when I’m going to have the chance — probably not in 2015 — but I’ll keep my fingers crossed! What about you? What have you built up anticipation for? Have you visited Treebones or Big Sur? Send me a note in the comments, to threadandbones @, or connect with me at  instagram, pinteresttwitter, or facebook.

Thank you for reading!

  1. Oh, Greece. I could go on about where to go and what to see for days, if you need any tips :) My husband and I got married there just a few short weeks ago, and since we met there I have a very strong bias towards it. We’re currently planning to visit my sister in Spain in September- it’s keeping me going through long working hours.

    I wish we had known about Tree Bones when I spent time in California a few years back. Big Sur is one of the most gorgeous places I’ve seen, and just driving through on route to Jedediah Smith State Park felt like such a tease.

    • jm

      CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you so much, I will DEFINITELY hit you up when/if Greece eventually happens. Where are you going in Spain? I love that country — Barcelona and Sevilla treated me really well with lots of tasty tapas, cafe con leches, beautiful sights, and rejuvenating siestas.
      Wow — you have been to the very top of California! I have not been that far north on the 101 yet (just on the central 5 freeway which was surprisingly beautiful up there so I can’t even imagine how glorious the coast is). How was the park? Well I’m adding it to my list right now anyway ^_^

    • We should exchange notes some time :) I haven’t had time to plan for our upcoming trip to Spain, so I’m open to any suggestions. Jed Smith was absolutely beautiful and not too crowded- I would absolutely recommend it. Nice peaceful camp sites too, if that’s your thing

  2. Oh my you made it!! So wonderful to see it through your lens. Did you have trouble booking? I wonder if the yurts are already booked for Labor Day Weekend…I feel that would be a great time to go! That succulent is amazing!! Okay now we really need to plan a time to get together because I wanna hear about every last detail!

    Xo, Tiffany |

    • jm

      I booked a loooooong time in advance and yes — I bet it would be trouble booking if you didn’t. There’s only so many yurts. If you were flexible on dates you could probably find something sooner though. Totally worth it! GOOOOOO!!!!!

  3. TREEBONES!!! We stayed there for my birthday last year and it was an absolute joy! The sushi was quite good (albeit a long wait) and the view was amazing. And how cool is that organic garden– they have the tastiest kale, ever. Haha I’m surprised this never came up as a topic between the two of us– oh well, add it to the list. ;)

    • jm

      Doth my eyes deceive me — tastiest KALE? Man I missed out on that one — but I did order a rainbow beet salad tossed with the yummiest, sweetest mixed greens that was divine. Doesn’t surprise me that you have been here — you two are world class travelers! And yes there’s SO much to talk about next time =o)

  4. It sounds like the yurt was a little more congenial to sleeping than the treehouse? Though obviously both are amazing accommodations. Also, my family once had a schnauzer that looked just like that gray one!

    • jm

      Two very different experiences, but yes — when it came to actually sleeping the yurt was quiet, heated, and didn’t rock back and forth wildly with the wind. BUT you can spend the night camped in a sleeping bag in an actual tree at Treebones if you’re looking for a more authentic outdoor experience ;-)
      PS: Schnauzers are the best!

  5. when i scrolled past the goldfish shot. i just chuckled to myself – of course they would get the perfect goldfish shot too. love hearing your stories of all of your adventures! xxo.

    • jm

      The goldfish were mesmerizing! I couldn’t stop staring into their fishy little faces! You would LOVE this place so much Annie! YOU MUST GO!!!

    • jm

      You can’t go wrong with Iceland OR Scotland Christine! The only trouble I’d have is picking between them! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you — can’t wait to see where you choose :-*

    • jm

      I love that phrase — ‘so close that I can’t even see it.’ Story of my life! It took me over a decade to finally visit this spot so you’re still ahead of me Carla :-*

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