June 6, 2014


Remember back in April when I raved about new French bistro style resto in Fidi, Trou Normand? Jump forward to the present and we discover that the team has succeeded in their goal of having their doors open from breakfast through dinner, 8am to midnight every weekday, and starting this week they’ll be doing business on Saturdays as well. I mentioned the superb craft cocktails previously, but failed to pay homage to how gorgeous this space is designed, with plush leather cushions juxtaposed against polished marble and worn brick. The communal concept of the interior shared dining booths now extends outside — to a new seating area that more than doubles the restaurant’s capacity, featuring long marble farm tables beneath a transparent covering. You’ll feel like you’re in a vintage French metrostop, and really what better place to dine on in-house charcuterie (although since I’ve been back for dinner the small vegetable plates are almost more impressive to me than the cured meats — these chefs really know how to make a grilled spring onion sing). For breakfast the menu is small but satisfying, with a seasonal frittata, staples such as the breakfast sandwich and granola + yogurt, and the pièce de résistance – fluffy biscuit with sausage gravy and two poached eggs. It was such a pleasure to have this lovely space mostly to ourselves and our four barrel coffee on this weekday morning.

trounormand IMG_1413trounormand2IMG_1470IMG_1404First three photographs shot by MB Maher. If you’re interested in having the Thread & Bones team shoot your space or event drop us a line, and keep in touch — we’ll be having a full portfolio up in a few days!

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