April 4, 2014


Almost everyday I miss something about the Parisian lifestyle or culture, and the city itself in some small way (a realization that is rather shocking to me; Paris is no stroll in the park to find a place for oneself in, but it definitely grows on you in ways you may not even realize at the time). A big desire (that is obviously shared with many others) is to bring that elusively quintessential French cafe back home, and the latest incarnation of that in SF is Trou Normand, from the geniuses behind Bar Agricole. Trou Normand focuses on in-house charcuterie — they are a licensed meat processing facility (for real); butchering their own whole animals, and creating different pates and dishes out of every part of the animal (leave no pork shoulder behind). While the focus is on meat, like any SF restaurant worth its salt they’re also cooking locally and around the season, which meant a fresh asparagus salad on our rabbit bouillonĀ blanc, alongside a carrot-three-ways salad with rehydrated apricots and whole almonds. Also of equal note — the other house speciality features the specific liquors and apertifs the team personally tracked down across the length and breadth of France, which they incorporate into a killer cocktail menu. From the spirits to the salami, you won’t taste anything here that can be readily found elsewhere in the city.

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