December 16, 2014


As someone wise (possibly) once said — why wash dishes and clean the house when you can instead don a Venetian mask and a jumpsuit and keep the party going? So here I am ignoring the mess from last night’s festivities as I get ready to head out to tonight’s. It’s the season after all, and as much as I may grumble about the ever-renewing pile of dirty dishes, I’d still rather be here partying and visiting with so many fantastic people than alone in Paris as I was this time last year. The lesson of 2014 seems to be about time, and how we really don’t know how much of it we have with the people we love most. So I’ll keep accepting those invitations, keep my own oven running day and night, and cherish every meal shared and every glass of wine raised among the humans in my life, old and new.



Vin Chaud: combine 1 bottle of red wine, 3 cloves cardamum, 1 knob of ginger, 1 stick of cinnamon, 5 cloves, 1 star anise; simmer, then let infuse for around an hour; reheat before serving


Tonic and 6 + dashes of bitters are an ideal cure for hang overs and upset stomachs alike


Buttered cider with bourbon and cinnamon — recipe here


Festivities kicked off this past weekend with 3 dinner parties and 1 masque (why don’t we throw more masques everyone? New Year’s resolution for 2015?), and are continuing at this breakneck pace until the new year. It’s compounded excitement on top of compounded stress; I’m wrapping up work, preparing to leave town, and making sure I pound water and vitamin C in between all the fun. With the nearly non-stop rain we’ve been having, it takes more than my favorite cure-all (see tonic and bitters recipe above) to keep a cold at bay. Detox and echinacea teas have been helpful as well, and if all that isn’t cutting it, take a day off. I know — it seems impossible, but really, people will understand, and it is so restorative to turn off your phone, lock the door, and spend a day in bed with said teas.


Speaking of treating oneself well — I may or may not have taken advantage of a few black Friday sales to purchase some gifts for moi (who — me?).  I’ve been staunchly avoiding the whole overall and romper phase for some time now (I don’t think I need to explain myself here, but both are hitting too close to reminders of one awkward 90’s childhood), but there’s just enough time left this year for one final fashion experimentation — and it’s arriving in the form of one luxurious silk onesie. I really can’t imagine a more festive item unless I was literally wearing a Christmas tree.


Jumpsuit: Free People/Heels: Dolce Vita/Coat: Asos/Mask: Vivo/Necklace: Free People

This time of year is so dear to me — with all these cleansing rains and the chance to see faces from the past, near and far — connecting with so many family members and friends I haven’t seen in years, as well as new friends met right here through this platform. I can’t yet fully express how exciting it’s been to watch relationships grow, and how grateful I feel to have connected with a community of kindred spirits around the world. I hope you’re staying healthy, and taking advantage of the season to see anyone and everyone who holds a place in your heart. Do you have any tips for keeping the winter cold’s away? Managing stress? Alternate vin chaud recipes? I need all  the help I can get — let me hear about it in the comments. Thanks for stopping by, and until next time I’ll definitely be updating my instagram daily from the road, so do connect with me there if you haven’t already, or feel free to keep in touch over at pinteresttwitter, or facebook.

Thank you for reading!

  1. I get a very distinct attitude and mood from the interplay between the visuals and words here… it and it’s decidedly mischievous and festive. :) The jumpsuit is sexy! I love the way you styled it.

    As far as keeping stress away, I think you nailed it with taking a day off. If it wasn’t so cold and rainy I’d suggest getting outside. I find it a challenge to be active in the winter months although I’m learning the right gear can make it happen. It’s weird in my head to think about “suiting up” to go into nature. Does not compute.

    Safe and happy travels! Three cheers for insight and gratitude, because life is fucking magic. <3

    • jm

      Thanks so much for the feedback Claudia! I really appreciate it! And I completely agree about the difficulty in staying active — if it’s not raining I’m slammed with office work or feeling S.A.D.. I’ve made sure to go for walks every time the rain lets up but I’m definitely not enough getting activity in. Haven’t thought about finding the right gear before — I’m intrigued. Let me know how that works for you! Gear can certainly make a big difference — finding good running shoes and the right clothes encouraged me to make that more of a habit. Not that I’ve been running either in this weather! How do people in snowy countries deal with this issue???
      Happy holidays and three cheers yourself Claudia! Best wishes =o)

  2. My – you’ve been so busy this holiday season! I hope you successfully fended off the cold to make your travels safe and pleasant. I also vote for more masques in 2015 (and invite me, please!). I have also been avoiding that the romper trend, but this onesie looks so great on you, Jessica! It was an excellent splurge. I missed you the other evening, but I very much look forward to our more relaxed stroll around the market in the wee hours of the morning in January! Wishing you a fabulous holiday season <3

    • jm

      Done and done Sarah — we are definitely having a masque in the spring! Looking forward to it and other adventures come January! Stay healthy yourself and good luck finishing up all your big projects! Happy Holidays =o)

    • jm

      I’m glad you think so Carmen! Perfect for a holiday party but also totally acceptable year round on any cool evening. Personally I’ll take spicy mulled wine over sweet sangria any day ;)


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