May 14, 2014


I seem to keep finding myself in SF’s loneliest corners this past week. Fort Point is just below the Golden Gate Bridge, on a tip of the peninsula jutting north towards the foggy Marin headlands, and to get there you have to exit the road seconds before finding yourself on a one way journey to Sausalito. Fun fact: the structure itself is the oldest brick fort still standing in the US, which would be impressive enough even if the views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the hiking trails around the Fort couldn’t be beat — the panorama of the bay, city skyline and Alcatraz island from along the Fort’s eastern shore will also impress. This day here was ideal for a hike — cloudy but not cold; though if it had been a little warmer I would have been tempted to run down the hills towards the infamous (i.e. nude) Baker Beach to dip my toes in the waves. What’s amazing is that after all these years this is my first time to the area around Fort Point, and it’s awoken a desire in me to track down every undiscovered nook of the Presidio and Land’s End. Are there any new corners of your hometown that you’ve explored, or have on your list to explore? Please feel free to share in the comments below. And don’t forget to enter the Ultimate Traveler’s Giveaway contest if  you haven’t! I owe a big thanks to everyone who’s applied thus far — it’s been so great connecting with all you fabulous folk and hearing your travel stories!

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GIF images by MB Maher, all other images (and gif itself!) by me 

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      I made the gif Delphine!!! I’m going to be really obnoxious and insist on credit for this because it took me all day =)


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