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December 28, 2014


At any moment I will have to start wrestling with the suitcase explosion happening all around me right now as I sit in bed typing — I’ve left spoor across two households and in at least one VW van. This past week in Southern California I danced, did a surprising amount of walking, sipped a lot of new drinks and ate some scrumptious new food, saw old faces, thought deeply about cultivating a healthy home — full of art and abiding affection — and visited more museums than I can remember. I’ll be writing more about my journey and sharing my hotspots across the city of Angels in a few days, but right now here’s some things to read and watch while you’re all hopefully in bed like I am.

  • I had a lot of fun creating a guest post with Tiffany this week about holiday styles. And because it’s me this turned out to be about dressing while traveling as well — I packed up 5 items already in my wardrobe and one pair of shimmery new heels to create 3 looks while on the go. Fellow SF blogger Tiffany is always on the go as well, capturing beautiful images and sharing her stories — check out her travel, beauty and lifestyle bog here.
  • In the spirit of the holidays this is all I have to say: George Cloony meets Downton Abbey.
  • Christmas has come and gone but it’s not over. SF Girl by Bay is hosting an amazing giveaway from now until January 2nd with over $1,750 of sweet, sweet home wares and pretty things. I want everything, but especially that ion lamp
  • It’s that time of year when you start thinking about how you spent your time this year (if you haven’t already) and I love this idea of creating a comparison chart for my year — where I was then versus now with work, health, travel or goals; what’s changed and what hasn’t; memory flash cards (genius idea). Visualizations like that really help me, which is why I’ve poured tirelessly over this side by side chart of the Serial timelines — contrasting Jay’s first, second and third story, Adnan’s story, and the cell records. Are we absolutely sure that this is not Mr. S’s cell phone after all?
  • Finally it’s not too late to schedule some lazy time in before 2015. Especially #6: finish a few projects. Like the aforementioned packing I should probably get back to…

 Read anything great this past week? Ready for some end of the year reflections? As exhausted from travel, visiting and eating as I am — or as confused by the Nisha call as I am? Let’s discuss! Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time if you’d like to stay in touch find me over at instagram, pinteresttwitter, or facebook.

Thank you all for reading =)

  1. I have not one, but two suitcase explosions happening at this very moment in my childhood bedroom. I’m trying this thing where I attempt to will it away using mental force. It’s not looking too good at the moment.. :)

    also, just curious- who is, in your opinion, the Serial murderer?

    • jm

      Lol Georgia — I know exactly what you mean! Hope you finally found the mental force ^_^

      Oh maaaaan, where do I begin with Serial! I had no problem with Sarah’s conclusion that she had no conclusion — other than there wasn’t enough evidence. The whole story and podcast is such a fascinating exploration of human memory and thought process — but my conclusion is that I don’t think anyone interviewed can be trusted. Memory is SO faulty. I have sworn about things happening a certain way in the not-so-distant past and believed them so thoroughly — until I then found a picture or an email or something else concrete that proved me completely wrong. There’s stories I tell where I might change a small detail for various personal reasons and after years passing by I know I changed something but I’ll forget what that detail was. And then there’s other times when I’m just plain wrong; I wasn’t paying attention, or my memory is biased by what people tell me or how they act. I don’t think it’s possible that anyone at this point could have remotely accurate information about their memories from a time 15-16 years ago. So I don’t believe anyone’s story, and I don’t think we’ll ever be able to “solve” this mystery based on all the hear-say and she-said he-said presented. Having said that, and keeping in mind I don’t actually know anything about this situation (other than what’s presented on the podcast) and my opinion is in no way educated or informed — if you want my two cents based on what’s been presented, I think Adnan is definitely lying about/hiding something, but I don’t think it’s murder.

  2. Hah I loved this! I did read a little over my break! I finally started Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (Amy Chua) this week and am finding it hilariously insightful! I’ve been meaning to get to it, as it’s been so controversial for years; and while I wildly disagree with her on many fronts, she is fascinating and certainly funny :) I hope you’re having a good break, friend!

    • jm

      Thanks for the rec Daisy, I haven’t read that one! I just finished the Book Thief over my travels – which is remarkable. Got a big list of books to borrow, buy or download — not sure where I’m starting next! Right now I’m trying to minimize my distractions so I will get some final projects done before the end of the year, I had a lot of unproductive time in Nov/Dec x_X

    • jm

      Now you know how I feel Sarah! Your blog is so great for giving me material to pursue in the morning and in between work. Hope you’re having a happy December! xo


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