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Some weekend mornings are for staying in bed — hopefully with some coffee and a good book or magazine (Or  a pile of them. Or just a scruffy tabby cat). Others are for waking up at 6am to set off on an adventure; with new humans to meet, vistas to explore, and skills to learn. It’s the latter for me right now, and let me tell you — it’s been a long time before this body has been vertical between the hours of 2 and 8am. I couldn’t ask for better motivation though — studying with the unstoppable Aran Goyagoa alongside some seriously kick-ass women. I’ll be sharing all the photos and stories with you soon, but until then check out my instagram for up to the moment shots, and if you’re in category A from above follow the jump for some leisurely weekend reading material.

Every time I ask anyone how they are, it’s the same response (and you already know what it is). How are you? Craaaaazy. Every wonder why it seems impossible to have any time to just be still? The New York Times shares some opinions on the topic that hadn’t ever occurred to me — probably because life was just too crazy.

And on that same note, one of my new favorite reads has a great post about some no-brainer activities to help increase your attention span. Don’t worry — instagram is not strictly on the list, and coffee shops are. So how hard could it be?

Free People featured former model now writer Jenny Bahn in their August magalog, and I took the bait. Her site is one of those where you can loose yourself for hours. Her voice is fresh, funny, and approachable, and she has a huge backlog of stories to share from her stint in the modeling industry.

If you need some inspiration to take some time out of your crazy schedule and fit in a yoga session or workout, look no further than this stunning photoshoot shot by silversmith and all around babe Gillian of the Noisy Plume.

For those of you who follow me on instagram — you probably already know I’m in Seattle for a few days. Any recommendations on things I should do and places I should go? Anything you’d like to see me photograph? Send me a note in the comments, and you can also stay in touch with all the usual internet ways — chose your poison: pinterest, twitter, and facebook.

  1. Ah what a lovely post Jessica – loved reading all of your links I know I can always rely on your advice for great reading material, particularly enjoyed the tips on increasing your attention span something which is becoming increasingly difficult in our day and age! Good luck for today – I hope its an adventure! Faye x

    • jm

      So good to hear from you Faye, thanks for stopping on by! Hope you enjoyed the reading and your weekend on the other side of the globe =)

  2. corey fischer

    How beautiful of you to take me home to California. I grew up there along the Rivers and Oceans. I make my home in Virginia now with it’s rich history and plush forests and rainfall. But there’s no place like Home. ~ Thanks for your incredible sense of adventure and need for new vistas. Good for the Spirit ~ Corey

  3. Try a restaurant called the Pink Door in Seattle. I’ve never been able to make it but they apparently have areal artists flying over head as you eat and a fortune teller for, you know, fortunes.

    Cute cat!

    • jm

      Well everything about that sounds absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for the tip — it’s on my list!


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