…home is an abstract thing, a notion, a feeling, a willow wisp we chase down to the broad flat rivers that carry us to the place that owns us. I’m coming home. On the road there, to home, my heart travels everywhere, looking for the one anchor, the one strong tether that encumbers the drift of the human spirit, the terra firma that roots the soul.

Jillian of the Noisy Plume


June is wrapping up, and I wish I could say it was swell, but a more apt description would be pretty shitty. Of course this is the month that had Mercury in retrograde and Friday the 13th on the same day as a full moon, so I guess I could say the fault is in our stars for so many troubles and disappointments. On the other hand, though, I think I’m feeling burnt out after half a year of small and large frustrations. I feel guilty venting when I know I should be counting my blessings instead. Thank you, dear reader, for indulging me in some brief self-pity — now let’s focus on more optimistic endeavors. Things are lining up with my business that should allow me to live a real life again, I’ve made steps to resolve various other financial and work-related issues, and there’s even got some schemes brewing for a few adventures to salve the soul this July. I was so inspired by Jillian’s beautiful post linked to above with that incredible quote, I had to immediately plan a small road trip myself. Here’s some other pieces I’ve been reading these past few weeks during the few moments in between — that take my mind off reality, and let me just dream.

This chickpea salad is my obsession of the moment. The honey-lime dressing takes a simple salad to extraordinary levels. I added red onion and some cumin, which is my secret ingredient for kicking up just about anything. I tripled the recipe and have a gigantic bowl happily marinating away in my fridge to distract me from snacking on chips/eating bread for lunch.

I loved looking at cats in Cypress. They seem much happier and better cared for then their Croatian and Turkish counterparts.

A little while ago I was asked to do a guest blog post for Chasing Glitter, a travel Magazine in South Korea aimed to empower young women to seek adventure. I loved working with Judith, and it was so much fun documenting a walking tour through my neighborhood of the Mission.

I stumbled across this amazing cocktail blog, with fantastic photographs, delicious sounds twists on classics (such as the American West Sour, topped with rosé), and even some spirit-centric poetry.

Much to my surprise the Modcloth Blog featured my outfit from my Saturday the 14th post. Now that I’ve been referenced (sort of) in the same breath as Françoise Hardy I can officially die happy.

Summer in San Francisco means layering, and I’m obsessed with Jacqui’s effortlessly lovely shorts + knit tights outfit. If only I could pull off that shade of magenta.

Denise of A Growing Obsession is as witty as she is eloquent. I love her post exploring the future via a neon orange wristband that counts your steps, and how she tied it in to her week’s activities in her beautiful garden.

How do you feel about 2014 so far? Had a better June than I did?  Leave me a comment below, and until next time, follow me on pinterest and instagram for much less venting and much more inspiration. Thank you for reading! XO


  1. wow, Jacqui of “Birds of a Thread” could almost be your sister! Similar pale British complexion, similar hair. (or is it SF complexion?)

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