September 6, 2014

_MG_5804Yep, I’m in denial that summer is over, even as I watch the sun setting an hour too early and feel the chill in the air. Makes me long for summer days like these above. I can still smell the crab and the roasted fennel looking at this shot, and if you haven’t yet already make sure you check out the rest of the images from this day and my picks for a Seattle getaway over at the lovely bay area lifestyle blog J for Jamie. Here’s some of my other reads from the past few weeks…

Turns out even historians can be sexist. Remember all those fierce Viking warrior dudes you read about in school — sailing, pillaging and most likely discovering America — we’ve just now discovered that about half of them were probably female.

But the leaders in sexism remain in Hollywood, and it’s gotten to the point where I almost can’t go to the movies anymore — I become so frustrated with the lack of women in cinema. Even if the (usually one) female lead is a “strong woman” she tends to exist in a vacuum as an object for the male lead to either win or be mothered by, and has no real arch or identity of her own. I’m not the only one annoyed by this — the NY Times wrote up about it this week, although in their opinion the representation of female characters in cinema is improving. Let’s hope they’re right.

But you know what’s not sexist — This little thing we call blogging, which has provided job opportunities (some of them really well paying) for women of all ages around the world, and has seriously shook up quite a few historically male-dominated industries like advertising and publishing. It does my heart good whenever I stumble across stories like this young ladie’s, who is able to afford a life of non-stop travel thanks to her blog, guts, and business savvy. We realize how ground-breaking this is, right? Though it definitely helped if you were starting blogging in that sweet spot 10-7 years ago, even today the possibilities are still nearly endless, as Ali wrote quite eloquently about over at her blog Gimme Some Oven.

And speaking of amazing women shaking up traditionally male dominated industries, Nicole Franzen just spent some time here in the bay and her images around the foggy Outer Sunset are absolutely breathtaking, while on the other side of the globe Haleigh Walsworth spent a week in Formentera and the results are out of this world. I’ve never heard of this island before, but now that it’s on my radar I’m dying to plan a trip.

Do you have any links or stories to share about inspiring women? Leave me a note in the comments! I don’t know about you, but this weekend I’m definitely taking some time to go a couple long walks and get as much of this lingering evening light as I can. Thanks as always for reading, and until I see you on Monday — find me on pinteresttwitterinstagram, and facebook. Ciao! 


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