Here’s some snapshots of my recent Seattle trip to sustain you until I have a chance to work through my massive backlog of bloggery. These longer days have been so inspiring — I’ve been shooting like a fool lately, and now with this pouring rainstorm outside my door in SF I have no excuse not to sit down and process some images. But since it’s the weekend and the point is to avoid work if possible, I’ll share with you what I’ve been reading around the web this week.

A while back I blogged about my meet-up with the hip and beautiful Diane (A Broad) at Gjelina in Venice Beach. If you’re curious about seeing our brunch from the other side of the table, she’s posted some fantastic shots of our get-together. And when you’re done reading that, go through the rest of Diane’s blog, if you haven’t already — her photography is oh so yummy.

Stuffed ostriches and aged French love letters — oh my! After its owner fled Paris near the end of World War II, this apartment remained locked away and undisturbed for 70 years. You couldn’t make this story up, and Apartment Therapy has the photos.

Speaking of Apartment Therapy, they also just covered Orn Hansen, the super cool general store I included in my list of top spots to hit up in Long Beach, CA. Highly pinterest-able.

That lovely lady you see up above touring Gasworks Park with me is none other than the fabulous bloggess Kinsey. We were able to schedule a quick get-together on our mutual trips through the PNW — just enough time for a stroll in the park on this beautiful (and rare) sunny day. It was such a treat to meet a photographer and blogger I have long since admired, and it turns out she was just in San Francisco, shooting one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful weddings I have ever seen. Check out these stunning images on her blog, Sincerely, Kinsey.

Lastly, I am loving WTF’s roundup of these darling drawings based on real life Missed Connections. Such cuteness cannot help but brighten your day.

And finally some tunes for your weekend — here’s my playlist of what I’ve had on repeat in the month of March:

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