Sometimes (most times) it seems like the weekends are nowhere near long enough. And then other times, they’re just perfect. Saturday — spent running around town with good friends, hopping from one bus line and part of town to another, champagne in the afternoon and free(!) cocktails in the evenings. Sunday started slow, with a long, leisurely brunch and a carafe of pomegranate mimosas. Worked on some projects around the house. Got a head start on the busy week to come. Lounged in pjs watching episodes of House of Cards in between each bout of productivity. This weekend wasn’t technically any longer than another, but maybe it’s the days themselves that are stretching out. On Saturday we dismantled the cabinets above the sink to install exposed shelving (something I’ve always, always wanted) and there’s so much more light now. From the couch in the other room I watch it move across the walls and floor, watch the fog peek its head above Twin Peaks, gathering its courage to make the leap to the other side.

These images are from a stroll with the lovely Sarah, where we were also basking in the glow of beautiful light drifting through cherry blossoms. You’d almost think it was spring around here.

thread and bones thread and bonesthread and bones thread and bones thread and bonesthread and bones

Blazer: Vintage/Blouse: Topshop (seen here)/Jeans: Free People (similar here)/Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens (seen here)

Photos by Sarah of Sanfranista


  1. I’m loving those pants. I’ve had a hankering lately to ditch the skinny jeans and revisit the chunky shoes/ bell bottoms combo that was my uniform 10 years ago — and which you are thoroughly rocking here :)

    • jm

      I go back and forth with skinnies as well — there’s something so sexy and freeing about bell bottoms. I’d love to see how you style them =)

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