Top: Angie (Seen here)/Jeans: 1921 Jeans from Twig & Willow/Boots: Sendra (Seen here)

The weather was too beautiful and the g&t’s too plentiful to resist taking a cat nap in the backyard this sunny afternoon — a day that feels so far away after almost a full week of rain and clouds. The weather’s been stormy and life’s been a whirlwind this past week in the both the blog, work and personal sphere, but after few showers this morning I can see a break in the clouds over San Francisco; there’s a newly quiet house to relax in, and an unheard Beck album to listen to. Not a bad prospect for a Tuesday evening.


  1. Stunning photographs! Did Mitch take these ones? Could there be a better way to spend a springs day other than rolling around in flowers and drinking gin..?

    • jm

      There isn’t! I can’t wait for spring to really be here — I am so over these winter months! Hope you’re holding out ok in snowy Paris!!!

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