Pont Neuf


Sweater: Louche/Hat: Vintage (also seen here)/Jeans: Uniqlo/Boots: Shoe Embassy (also seen here)/Necklace: Audra’s Details

Since this gorgeous day it’s been cold and grey in the city of lights, but I soaked up this sun deep into my bones, where I’ll be holding on to it until I return to the golden state. The little park off the Pont Neuf is the most dazzling spot on a bright day, where you can view of all the grand structures lining the riverbank, or just sit with your toes pointed towards the rushing waters. This area is physically the center of Paris and you really feel it when strolling through this green park, with the Louvre before you and the towers of Notre-Dame at your back. I love wandering around this area, moving back and forth across the river from one bridge to another, running my hands along all the lover’s locks, and browsing those famous green book stands along the banks. It’s also an easy trip to or from the Latin Quarter, which means I have just enough time to sneak in one more trip to a certain patisserie before I fly back to the bay… (if you can’t guess where the photos below reveal all)

IMG_6198 IMG_6201 IMG_6204IMG_6214IMG_0046IMG_9991IMG_0123 IMG_0095 IMG_0121

Photos of me and the macarons by Faye of Farfelue



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