January 19, 2014

As much as I miss Paris, it’s good to be back in my old stomping grounds, exploring all the changes and revisiting old faves, like Coffee Bar in the Mission, which has the. best. salads. And I’m normally not big on buying salads when I’m out and about (those being one of the few things I can make really well at home) but the salads at Coffee Bar cannot be missed, especially the Kalifornia — a sort of kale Chinese chicken salad. You really know you’re back in California when you can order kale on literally anything and everything you can imagine (Kale hot dogs! Kale sandwiches! Kale on tacos and in burritos.) But what really made me happier than even a fabulous kale salad was a rainy day, followed by the sight of fog pouring over Twin Peaks like a rolling wave. Now I know that I’m home.

IMG_6791coffeebarIMG_6777 coffeesweater IMG_6816IMG_6810 IMG_6806

Sweater & Coat: Free People (coat available here, sweater seen here, here and here)/Blouse: Vintage mens (see here and here)/Jeans: H&M/Heels: Topshop

IMG_6782 IMG_6831

    • jm

      Thank you! I’ve decided to start wearing heels more while here in SF — if French women can run around all day on cobblestones in them I can wear them to walk around my flat, paved neighborhood =)

  1. So glad you’re happy to be home! Boy I would be if I would get my hands on that much kale! Let alone the incredible Mexican food! Looking cute as ever I love the fit of these jeans on you <3

    • jm

      Haha, you have no idea! Many photos of kale and Mexican food to come! And thank you — I did miss these jeans =)


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