November 25, 2014

_MG_4515there is a place where the sidewalk ends

and before the street begins

and there the grass grows soft and white

and there the sun burns crimson bright

and there the moon bird rests from his flight

to cool in the peppermint wind


let us leave this place where the smoke blows black

and the dark street winds and bends

past the pit where the asphalt flowers grow

we shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow

and watch where the chalk white arrows go

to the place where the sidewalk endstwinpeaks2_MG_4490_MG_4525

We hiked to the end of Glen Canyon Park and there was this moment where we knew the sun would be gone in 45 minutes and the zipcar was due back behind us in one hour, and we looked at each other and pressed on — off across the empty schoolyard, following the road up ad up until it ended at Twin Peaks; climbing higher yet until all of San Francisco, the bay, the ocean, the bridges and mountains beyond that, all lay all below us like a rumpled blanket. We lingered at the top of the world for a bit before hurrying back down, across the road and through the canyon, shadows chasing us as we went. 


Wherever you are this week I hope you’re safe and warm and with loved ones. See you in December.

poem by Shel Silverstein

    • jm

      I’m so glad you think so, I really try to impart the beauty of San Francisco and my love of it in each blog post set there =)


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