June 30, 2015

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I’ve finally gotten wise to the benefits of traveling with a partner. When packing for a last-minute getaway to the seaside last week I ransacked M’s wardrobe while also showing never-before-seen restraint: 1 man’s tee shirt and 1 crisp button-down white shirt (dutifully passed between us), added to 1 pair of shorts & romper from my own closet; a bikini set, sandals, and a gigantic floppy hat (for obvious reasons) which were somehow stuffed into a single duffle. All we had to do was strap on our camera bags and we’re off; traveling lighter than I ever thought possible and breezing on and off planes with no trouble.  This plan may only work when going somewhere beachy, and as it happens our destination of Yelapa is a tiny Mexican town that can only be accessed via water taxi out of sunny Puerto Vallarta. That’s pretty much what sold me from the get-go, although it helped that a friend researched all the details for me and even found great steals for off-season plane flights. I love tagging along with other folks who have done all the travel homework for me; all I have to do is say ‘yes’ and the next thing I know I’m winding through narrow, cobble-stoned streets; passing by horses, perros and parrots; drinking margaritas on the sand and soaking in the color color everywhere.


Shorts: Zara (similar)/Tee Shirt: Objects without Meaning/Belt: Asos/Bag: Vintage Coach


Bikini: Out From Under (top & bottom)/Sandals: Pons/Hat: San Diego Hat Company



The isolation of this very much off the beaten track town called to our spirit of adventure, but bare in mind that this is a rustic place to travel to. The best time to visit Yelapa is October through May — we were just after tail end of the season (thus the cheap flights) and it was pretty hot and humid. That being said — once you’ve reached this peaceful, pretty spot make sure you eat seafood tacos of all varieties on soft, hand-made, blue corn tortillas at Taqueria los Abuelosorder the best margaritas from Tres Amigos (the food is top notch as well), and stay in a cosy Mira Mar home away from home. Fernando and Kendra are the sweetest hosts who worked really hard to make sure my friends and I were comfortable and happy. When we arrived Fernando led us on the short walk from the jetty, pausing at the grocery store so we could stalk up our kitchen, and then making us our first margarita while we unpacked and took in the sights. Later we joined the hosts up on the roof where he whipped up ceviche from conch muscles harvested that day while we watched the sun set over the ocean.


Has anyone else explored this secret little spot in Mexico? Are you going anywhere beachy or tropical this summer? Share your story in the comments, email me at, or connect with me on instagram to stay in touch. I’m on my way back to SF but am already dreaming of the next adventure. I haven’t mentioned lately but in case anyone was wondering — unless stated all photo credits belong to me and my partner M. You can Connect with us over at Ritual Photowork if you interested in hiring our cameras, or email us at

Thank you so much for reading! See you in July!

  1. This is the real deal!! It’s so rare to see travel photos from Mexico that aren’t.. you know.. obnoxious. You captured this little town beautifully, and I wish I knew about it when I went to PV several years ago. We got so sick of resort food we finally decided dining on the “local” side of town just to get away from it all!

    Your outfits are fantastic, borrowed or not; I wish I could pull off Aaron’s clothes but it’s probably better that I don’t try. ;)

    • jm

      Oh my gosh PV is so cute isn’t it??? I was only there briefly going to and fro Yelapa but I wish I had had more time to explore the ‘local side’ — the streets were so adorable with their bright colors and palm trees. We found the best spot right on the water taxi pier that made amazing Mexican breakfast — lots of charred onions, peppers, scrambled eggs, and fresh tortillas and avocado slices. Mmmmm, now you’ve made me hungry ^_^

      Oh my gosh Daisy you could totally pull off some menswear! I think that would look great on you! Not that I’m encouraging you to steal from your husband or anything… (or am I ;)

    • jm

      You’ve found me out Emma — I’m a sucker for anything with stripes! I’m so glad you liked the photos! Maybe it’s the humidity (around 90%) but I felt liek there was something special in the air in Yelapa ^_^

    • jm

      Awe thank you so much Brittany! Miss you! We need to arrange an east bay adventure soon ^_^

    • jm

      Haleigh my darling you provide me so much constant inspiration I’m tickled pink to finally be able to return the favor ;-*

  2. excellent choice with the swimwear, darling. this whole post puts me in an old-timey-movie-worthy-holiday frame of of mind. also, i tried on justin’s smallest button down and asked him his thoughts….’but its a boy’s shirt.’ ha! ok…so, we’re still thinking INside the box over here, even for the sake of limiting the packing. can’t wait to hear about this getaway in person! xxo.

    • jm

      LOL! You two are so adorable. I want to see menswear Annie! I’m thinking men’s button-down tied over a maxi or tucked into a flouncy skirt. We need to rsvp a time to get dressy :-*

  3. Yes and yes! You look right out of a magazine with that hat and I can’t believe that one shot of you floating in the ocean. I seriously just took a virtual vacation over here, but gosh darn I’m missing the amazing tacos and ceviche you described! So glad you had an amazing time Jessica!

    • jm

      I let my beach flag fly on this trip and I was hoping you would approve ^_^ always inspired by the beautiful images you produce of sun and sand!


    Always. Your photos make me breathless and jealous and excited and stunned. I have been to Puerto Vallarta, but I stayed quite close to the resort. Still beautiful, of course, but I suspect it was not very similar to your experience of wandering and soaking and clicking.


    • jm

      Next time I definitely want to spend a few nights in Puerto and explore — the old part of town was so beautiful!

      You’re words and support encourage me SO much Carla! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

    • jm

      I am so far behind myself Claudia! Thanks for the love — it’s always good hearing from you! Happy fall :-*


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