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August 27, 2012

The other week I was invited to an event at trendy Hayes Valley boutique Azalea through SoMa startup LookMazing — a new social platform for sharing and categorizing style, garments & accessories, as well as images. At the event we browsed through Azalea’s wares (or had their stylists browse for us), and them tried on while sipping champagne to groovy tunes (always my idea of a good time).  A professional photographer was on hand with a white seamless background for shots, after which LookMazing specialists helped upload and tag the looks.

The sexiest thing about Azalea is their extensive collection of raw denim, including brands such as Naked and Famous, J Brand, A.P.C., and Azalea’s own in-house brand. Raw denim harks back to the days of the original San Franciscans — these are not your stretchy, synthetic jeggings. I’m impressed that the trend is catching on as much as it is, as raw denim comes tough and rough, can’t be washed for the first month, has to be hemmed (all the brands we tried on came super long), and also has to be purchased two sizes too small, as they stretch out significantly in the first week. All of which the ’49ers had no problem doing, as it meant they had a pair of pants for life, and after a week of discomfort, you too will have jeans perfectly molded to your body and ready to withstand the harshest gold mining conditions.

I signed up with LookMazing that night and since then have had a little bit of time to check out their site and expand my profile, although not as much as I’d like. The concept seems intriguing. Anyone who’s seen a killer look online that was un-tagged, unidentified or un-linked to will love this service. Similar in the way Who, What, Where tags celebrity outfits and gives you options with which to replicate their style, LookMazing allows you to find the exact or similar item of clothing that interests you, which you can then purchase immediately online. Through the site you can upload images of yourself or styles you like, tag garments, follow trends, buy merchandise, and keep track of your wants and needs in an online wardrobe.  There is somewhat of a learning curve, however, in order to familiarize oneself with the available brands — so far I haven’t had the necessary time to browse through the available options and tag clothes in my photos — but I imagine that once you’re familiar, tagging should be speedier. While I haven’t uploaded any images of myself yet, when skimming through their Pinterest-esque board of looks I was flattered and surprised to find images from my blog that had been uploaded and tagged for me:

This sweater outfit and my Saturday shorts can be found here and here, respectively.

LookMazing (think fashion-Pinterest with a buy it now option) is in its Beta stage, so I’m interested to see how they continue to grow. Hopefully I will have a chance soon to play around with it more myself!

But in the meantime, here’s what I wore that night:

Tee: ZOA/Suspenders: Urban Outfitters/Boots: Sixty Seven


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